Board of Trustees

BACK ROW, L to R: Andy Klymenko, Marion Hale, Jenna Worden-Brooks, Robb Hough, Marc Sawyer, Jim Donatelli, Jim Connors, Mark Dubina.
FRONT ROW, L to R: Dan Leeper, Susan Carothers-Smith, Susan Ochstein, Steve McMullen, Elizabeth Hyden
(Not pictured: Aaron Dobiesz)


What is the role of an independent school Board of Trustees?

The responsibilities of Canterbury’s Board, as with all independent schools, includes supporting the school financially, raising funds for the school, being accountable for the school’s financial stability, being the guardian of the school’s mission and a steward of the school’s resources, establishing and maintaining by-laws that conform to applicable laws, and fulfilling the fiduciary duties imposed on boards and individual trustees. Another primary responsibility of the Board is to select, hire, and evaluate the Head of School.

How is the Board structured?

The full Board of Trustees meets multiple times throughout the year. Additionally, the following sub-committees also meet several times a year and are comprised of Trustees, school administrators, and parents:

  • Advancement Committee
  • Committee on Trustees
  • Executive Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Head Support & Evaluation Committee

What decisions do they make?

While the Board of Trustees must work in tandem with the Head of School and other school employees, trustees are always careful to focus their work on long-term planning and strategic issues, not the daily operations of the school as that is the responsibility of the Head, staff, and faculty. Board members focus on the strategic planning that forecasts the needs of the school five to ten years out.

How does someone become a member of the Board or join a Board committee?

Board selection is handled by the Committee on Trustees. Board Committees are made up of parents and professionals. Any interest in serving can be expressed to any Board member. Board members serve three-year terms. Non-board committee members serve one-year terms.

Trustees 2018-2019

Steve McMullen | Chairman
Andy Klymenko | Vice-Chairman
Susan Carothers-Smith | Treasurer

Marion Hale | Secretary

Jim Donatelli
Aaron Dobiesz '01
Mark Dubina
Robb Hough
Elizabeth Hyden
Dan Leeper
Susan Ochstein
Marc Sawyer '03
Jenna Worden-Brooks | PA President
Mac Hall | Ex Officio


  • 14 individuals sit on Canterbury's Board of Trustees
  • Those Trustees include current parents from all three divisions, alumni parents, and two alumni
  • 100% of Board members donate to Canterbury's Annual Fund
  • 3 years is considered a term for Board members