Canterbury Traditions


Knight Day

On Knight Day, the middle and upper school faculty surprise students on an unannounced day as the students
arrive to find there are NO classes that day--just fun, relaxation, music, and community games and arts.

Senior Traditions

Senior Traditions

Senior traditions include Senior Investiture, whereby seniors step into their roles as leaders of the student body for the year and receive their “senior privileges.” The seniors have their own locker area with a lounge.


Spirit Week is part of the Homecoming activities that take place each fall,
leading up to the football game and dance. Included are:

  • A pep rally
  • Powder puff football game (girls, grades 9-12)
  • Parade of banners (PK3 - Grade 4), wagons (Grades 5-8), and floats (Grades 9-12) on the field
  • Athletic Hall of Fame ceremony, held in conjunction with the Homecoming Game crowning of the Homecoming king and queen


Year-End Activities

Traditional events that are a part of year-end activities include class parties, Beach Day,
awards assemblies, Senior Dinner, and more!