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Episcopal Identity

Chapel Services at Canterbury School

The Canterbury School of Florida is an independent school led by an autonomous Board of Trustees founded in the diversity and richness of the Episcopal Church.

Chapel services cultivate an environment where community members - including students, faculty, and special guests - gather to celebrate and reflect on values, traditions, historical events, and other principles founded in the fundamentals of an Episcopal education.

Hough Campus Chapel Service

Thursday Morning

In our early childhood and lower school school chapel service, young hearts gather in a nurturing space where age-appropriate stories, uplifting songs, and valuable lessons intertwine. 

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Knowlton Campus Chapel Service

Wednesday Morning

Our middle and high school chapel services are a harmonious blend of inspiration and participation. Each gathering weaves together stories, life lessons, and inclusive spirituality—embracing students of all faiths. What makes these services truly special? Our students actively shape them, infusing creativity and thoughtfulness.

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The Episcopal Tradition

Equity, Justice, and Stewardship

Today’s Episcopal schools are populated by a rich variety of students and faculty from increasingly diverse dimensions of identity and religious, cultural, and economic backgrounds.

Canterbury is a place that affirms these differences as sources of strength that build community, deepen our common humanity, and enhance the intellectual, social, spiritual, and moral development of all students.


Canterbury fulfills two simultaneous commitments:

- To provide students an authentic experience of worship that is identifiably Episcopal

- To welcome, affirm, and support the spiritual development of students of all faiths or
no faith at all.
Chapel content coincides with our LEADS Program.

The Study of Religion

Comparative Religions is a required class as part of the Senior curriculum.

It is designed to be an objective and comparative approach to explore the history, traditions, and belief systems of the world’s major religions.

As a result, our students will be better informed and more empathetic as they step beyond our walls into the world.