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Mission & Values


Canterbury School of Florida educates and nurtures the whole child in mind, body and spirit in preparation for college and an honorable life as a responsible steward of our world.
Vineyard Graduation


Models integrity and respects differences.
Demonstrates leadership and self-discipline.
Approaches each day with enthusiasm and purpose.
Views the world with empathy, humility, and compassion.
Academically prepared.
Poised and confident.
Intellectually curious.


As a member of the Canterbury family, I pledge to uphold my personal integrity, promote equality and be respectful and considerate. I will be honest and sincere, facing each day with a positive attitude.

Canterbury has been instrumental in my son's academic and emotional growth, thanks to its outstanding faculty, tight-knit community, and commitment to personalized learning and inclusion. Since joining Canterbury, we've been welcomed into a warm and supportive community that feels like home. The faculty's genuine care and encouragement have made a profound impact on my son, fostering a sense of belonging and connection that he experiences daily. The school's rich traditions add an extra layer of excitement and enjoyment to the learning journey. These traditions reflect the faculty's dedication to creating a dynamic and engaging environment where students can thrive academically and socially. 

Heather G., Parent Class of 2034

Experience Canterbury

The best way to learn more about Canterbury School is to visit us, meet students and faculty, and see our beautiful campuses. Learn more about our shadow days, schedule a campus tour, or take a virtual tour.

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We foster a love of learning by discovering and celebrating individual talents and skills through engagement with exemplary teachers in distinctive academic, artistic, athletic, and extracurricular activities.


As an independent school in the Episcopal tradition, we instill and expect integrity, honesty, moral courage, personal accountability, respect, and compassion for others within the context of spiritual awareness.


Respecting the diversity of others and valuing the relationships uniting us as a school community, we inspire individual responsibility and a commitment to serve.