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Middle School

Empowering Young Minds, Igniting Bright Futures

Grades 5-8

Canterbury’s Middle School exists as a bridge between the lower and upper school divisions, stressing academic, social, and life skills.

We recognize that the middle school years are full of tremendous change. Thus, we strive to help our students thrive in an environment that balances structure and freedom within a safe, exciting, and challenging environment.

The Middle School Experience

Canterbury’s middle school offers a transformative educational experience, blending experiential learning with rigorous academics to nurture well-rounded students. Through a dynamic curriculum, students explore the arts, engage in athletics, and develop leadership skills. This holistic approach prepares them not just for upper school, but for a lifetime of learning and achievement.

What I love about teaching at Canterbury is the student's investment in their education. Our culture builds confidence in students and supports and embraces differences.  This really keeps our students engaged and builds a stronger academic foundation.

- Brittney Rangel, Middle School English Language Arts

Meet Reese

At Canterbury, I can do it all: soccer, theatre, and student council. I have found a great support system of students and teachers that make me look forward to going to school every day. I am so thankful to be a Crusader!

Class of 2030

Middle School Faculty

Our faculty embody the Canterbury spirit and mission: their selfless and collaborative efforts towards creating classrooms where students are cared for, educated, nurtured, and inspired make Hough Campus a magical and one-of-a-kind community.

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Ian Beck

Titles: Director of Technical Theater, Upper School Arts Teacher

Tucker DeGregory

Titles: Middle/Upper School Arts Teacher, Visual & Performing Arts Department Chair

Gina Donovan

Titles: Upper/Middle World Languages Teacher, International Studies Coordinator

Elevation of Academic Success

The middle school years provide a rich experiential education through class trips, field trips, and vibrant campus life.

Educational Technology

Our middle school BYOD program includes all digital textbooks and academic subscriptions. On campus, student devices are content filtered and include print services. Digital literacy is taught intrinsically within our curriculum and LEADS program.

Buddy Program

A Buddy program between grade 5 and 12 students encourages mentorship and camaraderie, fostering leadership skills in older students and providing younger students with valuable role models in their academic journey.
Students meet once a month to strengthen bonds, share experiences, and provide guidance, creating a supportive environment.

Academic Support

A dedicated team of teachers and an advisor collaborates to harvest, support, and celebrate the academic journey, focusing on educational and social-emotional growth and development.
The Center for Academic Success provides enrichment or accommodations that address learners' diverse needs and developmental levels.

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Experiential Learning

The middle school years provide a rich experiential education through class trips, field trips, and vibrant campus life.

Other Programs that Enhance the Academic Experience

At Canterbury, we prioritize the holistic development of every student. Our educational ethos permeates all aspects of our school programs, instilling values and lessons that enrich the academic journey. We aim to augment the academic experience through programs that seamlessly align with both our mission and our curriculum.

Middle School LEADS

Leadership, Equity, Advocacy, Dignity, Service
Our character development program covers life lessons ranging from dealing with authority and conflict to organizational and study skills. With this approach, Canterbury is an inclusive and supportive learning environment; students develop character, clarify values, build interpersonal skills, and enhance the school community. LEARN MORE ABOUT LEADS

After School Opportunities

Students are encouraged to pursue current interests and push themselves out of their comfort zone. Program leaders work together to ensure students have an opportunity to participate in all activities. Students can choose from athletic teams or arts and theater programs. An aftercare program is also available.


Our Chapel Program

Chapel serves as a time for our community to gather for spiritual reflection, moral education, and community bonding, often featuring a blend of music, liturgical stories, and inspirational messages. Each Wednesday, a 30-minute chapel service occurs, which faculty and students both participate in. This service aligns with our LEADS Character Development Program.


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