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24% of our student body receives tuition assistance
$1 million need-based grants awarded in 2018-19

Our Commitment to Access

Canterbury School of Florida is committed to accepting students for admission from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. Our Board of Trustees has a need-based financial assistance policy that dictates a percentage of the budget be used exclusively for financial assistance. That said, we believe that an independent school education is first and foremost a commitment and responsibility of the parents. Need-based aid is defined as the difference between what it costs to attend Canterbury School and a family’s ability to pay. While we attempt to meet a percentage of need, no child receives full tuition. Further, we do not offer scholarships or grants based on merit or athletic ability. International students are not eligible for financial assistance.

To help us objectively assess what a family is able to contribute toward education expenses, we use TADS as a confidential third party for financial aid application processing. The TADS analysis of a family's estimated contribution is a critical component of our financial assistance decision used by our Financial Aid Committee, along with any additional information regarding special circumstances, our total financial aid budget in a given year, and the needs of our entire applicant pool.

* Students for the 2019-20 school year must complete the admissions process and receive an acceptance status before the Financial Assistance committee will review the financial aid application.

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Accepted students who qualify for assistance on the basis of financial need outnumber those whom we can afford to support; unfortunately, we cannot guarantee funding to all applicants who apply. Although need is the first requirement for financial aid, the final selection of a new recipient is based on our evaluation of the student’s overall academic and personal strengths. We seek students who demonstrate intellectual capacity and curiosity, motivation for learning, integrity and appropriate social and emotional development and who enhance our community through their diverse talents, interests and characteristics.

We also accept the Step Up For Students Scholarship. Step Up For Students provides legislatively authorized K-12 scholarship programs and related support to give economically disadvantaged families the freedom to choose the best learning options for their children.

  • NEW TO STEP UP: Apply to Step Up beginning in February.
  • RENEWAL FAMILIES: Renew your child's Step Up scholarship beginning in October. Be sure to note the renewal deadline on the Step Up website We know the decision to attend private school is a major financial commitment. Please feel free to contact us to discuss.

Notice of Nondiscrimination

Canterbury School of Florida welcomes students without regard to race, religion, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, economic or social status. As a member school, Canterbury adheres to the NAIS Principles of Good Practice

Tuition Assistance FAQ

When do I apply for tuition assistance?

A new student must be accepted for enrollment at Canterbury by the Admission Office before the Financial Aid Committee will receive any financial aid request information to review. If you have not yet applied to Canterbury, visit our Admission page to find the steps to apply.
All families (new and returning) interested in applying for financial assistance must complete the TADS application with supporting documents--including the Financial Aid Agreement--between December 1 and March 1 to be considered for review by the financial aid committee.

Is there a cost to apply for tuition assistance?

Yes. TADS charges a $29 fee to process each application.

How is tuition assistance calculated/determined?

Canterbury believes a family has the primary obligation for financing their child’s education. In determining a family’s eligibility, factors such as family size, parents’ ages, extraordinary expenses, and retirement provisions are considered. Distinctions must be made between obligatory expenses such as tax payments and those made by choice, such as buying a new car.

It is our expectation that your child’s Canterbury education be among your highest priorities when it comes to your family’s discretionary expenses. Because financial situations vary, the TADS objective, need-analysis system is used as a basic guideline to provide consistency in assessing need.

Will my application be confidential?

The Financial Aid Committee maintains confidentiality over financial assistance files. Further, the Financial Aid Committee observes strict confidentiality when making and communicating financial assistance decisions. Faculty and students are not informed of financial assistance decisions. The school expects that families will keep the same discretion regarding awards and decisions.

What will my tuition assistance award cover?

The financial aid award is intended to cover school tuition. It does not include, unless otherwise specified:
  • matriculation fees
  • technology/academic material fees
  • activity fees
  • books
  • trips & transportation
  • instrumental music instruction
  • incidentals or other activities that incur additional fees during a student’s tenure at the school such as athletics, theater productions, etc.

Is tuition assistance guaranteed in subsequent years or will I need to apply every year?

Canterbury requires that all applicants complete and submit the TADS application as well as supply supporting documentation each year that a student wishes to attend the school. Awards are evaluated annually based on the most recent year’s financial information. The Committee will review and make adjustments appropriate to changes in financial resources and tuition increases. Canterbury cannot always guarantee meeting an increased need should a family’s financial situation change.

What payment plans do you offer?

At Canterbury, we understand the varying financial needs of our families. We offer three payment options. Families who pay semi-annually and monthly will incur slightly higher tuition rates.

  • Annual: Full payment received on or before June 1.
  • Semi Annual: Half due on or before June 1. Half due on or before November 1.
  • Monthly: Monthly payment plan, with 10 payments due from June - March.

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