Merit Scholarships

Canterbury is proud to provide academic scholarships to high-achieving, academically talented students. Funds have been set aside to offer three (3) merit scholarships to be awarded each year that will cover 50% of the tuition for the recipients. We encourage all qualified students to apply. Learn more.

How can I qualify?

Students must be entering grades 5 to 12, submit an application, and supporting documents. Applications will be reviewed by the scholarship committee and recipients will be selected by May 1 for the 2021-2022 school year. For new students, you must be admitted to the school prior to being selected for the scholarship. Scholarship applicants seeking additional need-based aid must have a complete TADS application submitted by the scholarship deadline.

What are the criteria?

All applications will be considered. Students with the most competitive applications are more likely to be selected as recipients. The criteria below are not minimums but should serve as a guide to your application:

  • Strong GPA and no Ds, Fs, or Incompletes
  • Demonstrates service to school or community
  • Submission of application and essay
  • Recommendation letter from a teacher or coach
  • Must be current on all payments to school


What are the expectations each year?

Scholarship recipients must maintain strong academic and behavioral performance to renew the scholarship each year. Recipients are expected to embody the principles and ideals reflected in the Portrait of a Canterbury Graduate.

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