Why Canterbury?

Canterbury has had an immeasurable impact on our family. The teachers have inspired a love of learning in our children that we hope will last for many more years. We can't recommend this school enough!

- Michael Stephens, children in Class of '31 and '33


Academics - highlight your signature programs such as Marine Studies / tech work / makers space and other areas

Academics (cont’d) - Look at your college counseling for positives - list of placements in the past 3-5 years / AP and or ACT scores / what graduates say

Academics - “We create innovative students.”


Faculty - “play to our strengths, while helping us work on our areas of need”

Faculty - “They wear many hats, but most of all, they care deeply about their students.”

Faculty and Students - There is energy and enthusiasm to try new things on the student and professional levels.

Faculty - Students say - “They know me and celebrate me for who I am and what I may become.”


Community - "Love the smaller environment because we know each other - no one is anonymous.”

Community - “People with whom you work are more than colleagues - they are your friends.”

Community - "Strength and bonds, within, extend to families as well.”

Community - “It has been difficult with COVID for parents because we are used to be there at School, but my children are happy this year, as am I.”

Community - Faculty / parent - “It was the right match for me as a professional, but it has proved to be an even better match for my own children.”


Athletics - We have a no-cut policy, but coaches and athletes take their commitment seriously throughout each season. 

Athletics - We have great energy at games, and student-athletes from different teams truly support each other.

Athletics - Also, highlight any recent championships. - 3-5 years  


Arts - In terms of the arts - show it on the website! Visuals are profound on websites. 

Arts - Also, tout any students and or graduates doing extraordinary work in this area.  Again, higher level skills should be pronounced on the website, without forgetting the LS and MS.

Unparalleled Faculty


Academic Focus




College Preparation