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Archery Club

Middle and upper School students are invited to join Ms. Suchanek for this in-school club.

Archers are provided equipment and will learn range safety and fundamental archery skills. The targets are large, with small daring bulls-eyes. As soon as the campers master them at one distance we move them back further...and further. We will play games using balloons and much more. They will receive training from a certified NASP instructor. Beginners are welcome!

NASP is the National Archery School Program. Students who join the club have an option to compete in tournaments and invitationals. These competitions take place at not just a local and state level but also regional and national. For more information about NASP please visit their website at www.nasponline.org.

Cost $26 (for maintenance and replacement of equipment and for future travel to competitions)

By typing my electronic signature below, I give permission for my child(ren) to join the Archery Club. In addition, I authorize my credit card to be charged $26 per child, which includes a 3% credit card processing fee. ​​​​​​​​