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Catch the Canterbury Spirit

Partnerships are at the heart of Canterbury, whether among students on teams, parents at volunteer events, or alumni members meeting for networking dinner.

The Canterbury community encourages participation from all its members, both on and off campus, from the very first day to offer meaningful opportunities for engagement and interaction with friends new and old. Canterbury School has been a pillar in the close-knit community of burgeoning St. Petersburg for almost 50 years. We're proud to partner with so many local businesses and organizations to provide the best resources and education to our students in an environment that is welcoming to all.

Together, We Learn!

Learning at Canterbury is a lifestyle, where faculty members empower students by partnering with them in their educational journey.


Make an Impact

Interests at Canterbury blossom into hobbies, which serve as a powerful avenue for creating a lasting impact.



Meet Ja'Maria

The biggest thing that stands out to me about Canterbury is that 100% of the teachers and faculty are passionate and enthusiastic about what they teach. 

This helps to create a positive learning environment for the students that makes it fun to learn and participate in class.
Class of 2024

Recently, the faculty and staff read a book together called The Art of Community--the author distinguishes a "community" from a "group of people" as "sharing a mutual concern for one another's welfare." This sense of caring and concern is abundant throughout Canterbury--both on each campus and as one school. It's a hallmark of Canterbury.

Charles H. Vogl, The Art of Community

Campus Life

Life at Canterbury is a vibrant tapestry woven with threads of learning, compassion, and mentorship. Within our campuses, a palpable school spirit thrives, fostering a sense of belonging and inclusivityEveryone is invited and involved, creating a dynamic community where students actively contribute to shaping their own campus experience. 


Parent Engagement

Education in this century is a collaborative endeavor, where the collective efforts of educators, parents, and the community play a vital role. We recognize the importance of parental involvement in shaping a child’s learning journey. Parents are warmly welcomed and encouraged to actively participate in school activities



Canterbury extends a warm invitation to our esteemed alumni, inviting them back to campus to participate, volunteer and join us for all events and activities. We take immense pride in celebrating the remarkable achievements of our graduates and the diverse ways they contribute to society. 


 Together, we CAN!

A Canterbury School Education Enriched by Academics, Tradition, and Exploration


A hub for community connection, students share, discover, and enhance their leadership and public speaking skills, building confidence. 

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Community Events

Three major events bring the community together while raising funds that enhance our academic program.

Tee It Up Golf Tournament
Spring Gala (Themed)
Canterbury Cup Fishing Tournament Learn More & Register

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Canterbury Happenings On and Off Campus

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    Canterbury fosters a collaborative educational environment where parents actively participate, alumni are celebrated, and students shape their campus experience. Campus assemblies provide a platform for growth and community connection.