The Canterbury Community

Partnerships are at the heart of Canterbury, whether among students on teams, parents at volunteer events, or alumni members meeting for networking dinner.

The Canterbury community encourages participation from all its members, both on and off campus, from the very first day to offer meaningful opportunities for engagement and interaction with friends new and old.

Canterbury students are competitive and compassionate, confident and humble, purposeful and spontaneous. They teach one another the value of working hard and deliberately, as well as the role leadership plays in creating an outstanding academic and social environment.

Like all schools, Canterbury has deep-rooted traditions such as Senior Investiture, the PK4/Grade 4 Buddy Program, and the Alumni Softball Game, which help define the Canterbury experience. But what is unique about Canterbury is that students do not simply uphold traditions and attend events; instead, they build traditions and new programs, and as a result they are involved, invested and connected.

Canterbury students and faculty believe that rigor and balance are not mutually exclusive. Numerous opportunities exist outside of the academic schedule, allowing for a balanced Canterbury experience with activities and events designed to bring the student body together. Activities have included talent shows, musical performances, and game night, just to name a few.
Canterbury School has been a pillar in the close-knit community of burgeoning St. Petersburg for almost 50 years. We're proud to partner with so many local businesses and organizations to provide the best resources and education to our students in an environment that is welcoming to all.


  • Canterbury has more than 50 student organizations.
  • Canterbury has a Parents’ Association of which all parents are automatically members.
  • Canterbury also has 3 parent affinity groups:
  • Canterbury has 811 alumni.