They Couldn't Stay Away

Once a Crusader, always a Crusader. Many of our faculty and staff are alumni, former students, current parents, and alumni relatives. These individuals are living examples of the one-of-a-kind, close-knit community that Canterbury creates, as well as the lifelong impact our faculty have on their students.

Lucy Yeager ‘89
Social Sciences teacher
I never would be where I am today if it wasn’t for the generosity of the school. Here, it’s like, the sky’s the limit. Figure out where you want to go and we’ll get you there.

When people from my era come back they are stunned. They just can’t believe we have a scuba crew and that we have kids competing and winning at State athletic and Thespian competitions. And just like when I was a student here, it’s the faculty who would do anything that’s possible to support the student growth. Read more about Ms. Yeager.

Haley Hall Grimaldi ‘07
PK3 Teacher
After graduating from college, I knew in my heart that the only place that I was supposed to end up at was Canterbury. Although I never went to school on the Hough (lower school) campus, I always noticed how anyone who stepped foot on the campus felt as though they were part of a loving community. As soon as I started working, I was welcomed with loving arms by coworkers and parents alike, and felt as though I truly belonged to the lower school family.

Melissa Mitchell
PK4 Teacher
Honestly, my days spent here as a student inspired me to be a teacher. You can take the girl out of Canterbury, but NEVER take Canterbury out of the girl! I remember loving school and my teachers; some of my favorite childhood memories were made at Canterbury. I feel so honored and blessed to not only be teaching here but working alongside my first grade teacher (Mrs. Herzik, who is the other PK4 teacher) and my second grade teacher, Mrs. Hobby, who was the Lower School Principal when I started working here!

We Love Our Crusader Legacies!

When a Crusader alumni or former student selects Canterbury for his or her child’s education, it is the ultimate compliment to our dedicated faculty and staff. Multi-generational family relationships are an important connection to the past and the present, and we are delighted when families continue the great Canterbury tradition.

The Rios Family: Arturo R. Rios '86, Maria Rios, and Maria Rios ‘18.

The Rios Family is the epitome of what it means to be a Crusader. From Art’s involvement as the head of the Muses, a parent organization that supports the Arts, to his work on the Board of Trustees, he uses his dynamic talents to bring the school to new heights whenever possible. It is clear he and his wife have instilled this work ethic and love of the arts in their daughters as they both have taken on starring roles in Canterbury’s live theater productions such as The Little Mermaid, Alice In Wonderland, and Steel Magnolias.

Helen Hough Feinberg ‘80 on sending her daughter, Alex, Class of 2010, to Canterbury:

“Canterbury gave me an excellent education and I was well prepared for college. I enjoyed the small class sizes. When it came time to choose a school for Alexandra, Canterbury had grown nicely, but still had the individual attention. That type of intimate learning environment allows students to understand material on a more in-depth level because they are really involved in the discussion of the subject matter.”

Lindsey Craft Drennan ‘00

Lindsey Craft Drennan ‘00 at Flag with her daughters on her oldest child’s first day at Canterbury.

The Copeland Family: Susie Kaufhold Copeland ‘82 and Don Copeland ‘82 with their daughter, Courtney Copeland ‘14

It has become a beloved Canterbury tradition for Crusader alumni parents to present their child with the diploma at our Commencement Exercises.