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Campus Life: Where Students Thrive 

At Canterbury, students thrive in a vibrant student life, participating in an impressive array of clubs and engaging in co-curricular activities within our close-knit school community.

At Canterbury, life is a vibrant tapestry of learning, compassion, and mentorship. Our palpable school spirit fosters belonging and inclusivity. Students actively shape their campus experience, molding their journey into a canvas painted with curiosity, growth, and shared aspirations.





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Meet Tess

Canterbury isn’t just a school; it’s a vibrant community that weaves together the threads of belonging, creativity, and growth. From the moment I stepped onto campus, I felt embraced by the warm smiles and genuine connections.

Class of 2025

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Why our students shine!

At Canterbury, our vibrant campus life is woven together by a rich tapestry of programs. Buddy programs connect older students with younger ones, fostering mentorship and camaraderie. Our diverse student clubs unleash passions, forge connections, and create lasting memories. The STEP mentoring program guides futures and empowers growth, while our student government amplifies voices and puts leadership into action.

Buddy Programs

At both the Hough and Knowlton campuses, buddy programs connect older students with younger ones. Through mentoring, guidance, and support, a mutual respect and high regard for each other flourish throughout the school year, nurtured by engaging activities

Student Clubs

Our diverse range of clubs allows students to handpick the ones they want, whether it’s an area they love or something they never thought they’d try. It’s a chance to meet new people across different grade levels and embark on exciting learning adventures.

Step Program

Our STEP program connects older students with younger ones from another school, fostering mentorship, friendship, and shared learning experiences. By participating in STEP, we’re not only enriching our own lives but also doing our part to give back to our St. Petersburg community.

Student Government (SGA)

Our student government empowers students to lead, collaborate, and make a positive impact within our school community. Through active participation, they shape policies, organize events, and champion student voices.

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Unlocking Knowledge: Where Students Dive into the World of Books

Battle of the Books

Encourages students to read and compete with their peers, with the goal to promote reading as a pleasurable activity and foster a lifelong love of reading.

Book Fair

Extends beyond the mere exchange of books by promoting literacy, connecting the community, supporting authors, and discovering hidden gems; it enriches minds, fosters connections, and celebrates the written word.

One School, One Book

Unites our entire school community as we all read the same book. Each student receives a copy to read at home with their families, reinforcing reading skills, fostering parent involvement, and building a vibrant community of readers.

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Campus Life Events

Ignite Curiosity, Shape Futures

Experiential learning enriches student life, bridging theory and practice through flag assemblies, field trips, class excursions, and themed programs.


Where sweat meets camaraderie: Athletics infuse our campus life with energy and teamwork.


Marine Studies

Where tides shape minds: Marine studies weave through every corner of our vibrant campuses.


Visual & Performing Arts

Where creativity takes center stage: Visual and performing arts infuse our campus with color, rhythm, and imagination.


Service Learning

Where compassion meets action: Service learning weaves purpose into every facet of both campuses.



Where reverence meets community: Our chapel services weave spiritual reflection into the fabric of student life.


Parent Engagement

Where parents actively engage, our campus thrives: Their involvement shapes a vibrant community of learning and support.


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Learn more about why you CAN at Canterbury

Canterbury fosters a collaborative educational environment where parents actively participate, alumni are celebrated, and students shape their campus experience. Campus assemblies provide a platform for growth and community connection.