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Parent Engagement

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Empowering Our Future: The Strength of Parental Involvement in Education

Every hand that helps, shapes the future of our children.

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Parent volunteers are the backbone of our school community. Their dedication and involvement are invaluable assets that enrich our educational environment. Through their engagement, parents bring diverse skills and perspectives that support our teachers and staff, enhance student learning experiences, and foster a nurturing atmosphere where every child can thrive. This partnership between parents and the school is fundamental to building a strong, supportive, and vibrant community that benefits everyone involved. Together, we create an environment where the collective effort of each member helps the entire school community flourish.



Besides the quality of education, what makes Canterbury an exceptional school is its community. At Canterbury, families, students, and individuals are not defined by their “status”, if you will, but by their character. The Canterbury Mission is built on a foundation of principles and morals that transcends and translates throughout different religious beliefs, cultures, languages, and traditions. We are a community that believes and practices being kind, open-minded and open-hearted, being good stewards and good neighbors. We divide and conquer. We work together, learn together, and grow together. There is an old saying, that to raise a child it “takes a village”; I couldn’t be more thankful and proud to call The Canterbury School of Florida my village.

Laura P., Class of 2035 Parent

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At Canterbury, we recognize that parent and community engagement is not just a checkbox—it’s the vibrant pulse that keeps our educational ecosystem thriving. 

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Volunteering isn’t just about giving your time; it’s about investing in your child’s education and building a stronger school community. When you actively participate, you create a bridge between home and school, fostering open communication, supporting teachers, and enhancing the overall educational experience.


Together, We Shape Tomorrow

Empower Learning - Strong Bonds - Advocacy Amplified - Legacy of Love

Community isn’t just a place; it’s a shared sense of purpose, connection, and responsibility. Together, we can create positive ripples that resonate far beyond ourselves. 



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Parent Volunteer Group

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The school portal provides report cards, attendance schedules, profile updates, classroom information, daily grade book updates, assignments, tests, quizzes, calendar event details, and school alerts.

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 Vidigami is a private and secure media management platform designed exclusively for schools. It empowers educators, families, and students by collecting, organizing, and automatically sharing school-related photos and stories.

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Learning at Canterbury is a lifestyle, where faculty members empower students by partnering with them in their educational journey.

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Canterbury offers an array of offerings in many different areas. We promote student engagement in their areas of comfort but also encourage, offer, and support opportunities to learn something new outside of their comfort zone.