Parent Involvement

Great schools are made up of partnerships among parents, students, and teachers, with the student at the center of this important partnership. Joined by a common set of beliefs and purposes, Canterbury and its parents form a powerful team.

Throughout the school year, the Parents’ Association (PA) supports the school administration by providing the volunteer structure for a wide-range of activities and services vital to the entire school community. All parents of Canterbury students are automatically members of the PA, and their involvement in the PA is not only encouraged and valued, but necessary for the smooth operation of the school. See all parent volunteer opportunities.

Parents are seen on both campuses every day, and have standing invitations to attend morning assemblies, the Flag ceremony, weekly Chapel, lunch, and other grade-specific/special events. Off campus, parent socials foster friendships that continue long after children are grown.

Parent Groups

Parents Association

All Canterbury parents are automatically members of the Parents Association (PA). The PA sponsors a wide range of activities and special events, such as the lower school Halloween Carnival and staff appreciation lunches on both campuses, that provide opportunities to connect parents to school life. The most important goals of the Parents Association are involvement in our children's educational experience and raising funds to enhance the educational environment for all children. PA Officers are elected every two years. Fundraising efforts include selling used uniforms and an exciting Spring Gala, our themed dinner and auction. Parents' Association Volunteer Opportunities

Parent-Led Affinity Groups

In addition to our Parents Association, we have several parent-led affinity groups that support and sponsor our marine science, athletics, and arts programs:

School/Parent Communication

At the beginning of each school year, parents are provided with a digital and hard-copy Go To Guide that shares information on anything and everything a parent might need to know, such as

  • List of all faculty members and their contact information
  • List of all administrators and administrative assistants, their extensions and duties (who to contact for questions about specific areas)
  • Introduction to Board Members, the committees they serve on, and the purpose and goals of the Board
  • Ways for parents to get involved: Parents Association, family ambassadors, parent affinity groups
  • Purpose and goals of the Annual Fund
  • List of all school-to-parent communication channels, including links to all Canterbury social media
  • List of special events
  • Canterbury Glossary (need-to-know terms just for our school like Flag, CCMS and miniterm).
  • List of extracurricular events and activities by grade
  • List of possible extra expenses to expect throughout the year, grade-by-grade

My Backpack is a web-based portal for parents and students to access their school-related data. Parents and students are provided with login information that allows them to

  • View student grades, schedules and attendance
  • Manage tuition account balances
  • Link to important external sites necessary to
    • Order lunches
    • Sync to school calendars
    • Register for events like fundraisers or summer camps
  • Keep contact information up to date

For assistance with My Backpack login, email Tech Support at

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What parents are saying...

"I have the opportunity every day in my work as PA President to observe faculty, staff, and parents in their unwavering commitment to this school community. Every day, the decision my husband and I made to bring our children to Canterbury 19 years ago is reaffirmed. My advice to new families or parents who have not yet had the opportunity to get involved, is to volunteer early and often. There is no more rewarding experience or better way to learn about the school, make life-long friends, understand and stay engaged in your student's daily life, all the while knowing you are making a difference."

-- Cara H., past Parents’ Association President and step-mother of Lee (‘10), mother of Katie (‘16) and Jessica (‘18)