Affording Independent School

Affording Independent School

At Canterbury, we’re debunking the myth that a private school education is unattainable due to financial reasons. Yet, cost can prove to be a deterrent for many families looking to give their children a quality, independent school education. Because we believe that tuition shouldn’t prevent hard-working students from realizing their full potential, Canterbury School of Florida is committed to accepting students for admission from diverse backgrounds, and regardless of socioeconomic backgrounds. That’s why we’ve committed to providing multiple options to make affording Canterbury more financially accessible for everyone. 

Variable Tuition

Canterbury recognizes that each family is unique and proudly offers a program called Variable Tuition that reflects this. The Variable Tuition program allows families to apply for an adjustment of their tuition based on their specific financial situation.

All of our families may apply for this program. Factors to be taken into consideration when determining the amount of tuition a family is able to pay may include:

  • Income

  • Assets

  • Unusual expenses

  • Size of the family

In order to be considered for Variable Tuition, each family must complete the application. Please note that a new application must be submitted every year.

All applications are submitted directly to TADS, a third-party agency that is a crucial factor to Variable Tuition Committee decisions, along with any additional information regarding special circumstances and the needs of our entire applicant pool. 

The priority deadline for applications is March 15th, however, you may still apply after this date. Timing is an essential component of our Variable Tuition process and more resources are available the earlier you apply. Learn more about the Variable Tuition program here. 

Merit-Based Scholarships

Canterbury is proud to provide academic scholarships to high-achieving, academically talented students. Recipients of merit-based scholarships are expected to embody the principles and ideals reflected in the Portrait of a Canterbury Graduate. Funds have been set aside to offer merit scholarships to be awarded each year that will cover 50 percent of the tuition for the recipients. We encourage all qualified students to apply. 

To qualify, students must submit an application and supporting documents, and must also be entering grades 5-12. New students must be admitted to Canterbury prior to being selected for the merit scholarship. Scholarship applicants seeking to apply for additional need-based tuition aid must provide a completed TADS application submitted by the scholarship deadline. Although all applications will be considered, students with the most competitive applications are more likely to be selected as recipients. 

Criteria includes, but is not limited to, students who:

  • Maintain strong GPA and no D’s, F’s, or incompletes

  • Demonstrate service to Canterbury or the community

  • Submit an application and essay

  • Receive recommendation letters from a teacher or coach

  • Are current on all payments to the school. 

In order to renew the scholarship each year, students must maintain strong academic and behavioral performance. Ready to apply? Begin your application here

Need-Based Scholarships

We collaborate with Step Up For Students which provides legislatively authorized K-12 scholarship programs and related support to give qualified families more freedom to choose the best learning options for their children. 

Canterbury is proud to accept any of these need-based scholarships. Need-based scholarships are awarded based on a student’s financial need. These scholarships are eligible for each year of enrollment and provide the opportunity for many students to gain access to a Canterbury education. 


At Canterbury, we offer a selection of various discounts making your student’s educational investment more accessible. Please note that discounts cannot be stacked; only one discount may apply at a time.

Discounts available include:

  • Sibling Discount: A 10% discount will apply for each sibling currently enrolled after the first child.

  • Active Military Discount: A 10% discount is available for children of active military. Thank you for your service!

  • Alumni Discount: A 10% discount is available for children of Canterbury graduates.


Independent School is Possible

Through Canterbury’s Variable Tuition program, merit- and need-based scholarships, and a range of payment plans, affording the quality education that Canterbury offers as an independent school is attainable. As finances are one of the most common deterrents from choosing independent school, we at Canterbury recognize this and are committed to providing multiple avenues for all students to be able to realize their full potential.


To get in touch with our Admission Office, visit our inquiry form here and we will be in contact with you to provide more information or schedule a tour.