Last week, Sean Daly from ABC Action News visited the Hough Campus to cover a story about kindness in St. Pete. What better place is there to study kindness in action? 

Daly was blown away by the breadth of our Character Education program, and even though this year's theme is focused around kindness on the Hough Campus, he was surprised and encouraged to hear how Character Education and kindness reach throughout our entire school from the Buddy Program to service-learning and beyond. 

Our littlest Crusader students did not fail to provide plenty of coverage for the local "feel-good" reporter. First graders eagerly showed off their ' Be Kind Every Day' T-shirts. Kindergartners zipped onto the scene with kindness notes. Teachers spoke to the random and intentional acts of kindness they witness every day.  

Teacher poses with first grade students in their kindess t-shirts.
Photo by Sean Daly

Daly asked to learn more about the beloved buddy bench on the Hough playground where students who are feeling sad or lonely can sit when they need a friend. Kindergartner Ronin F. proclaimed, "When I see someone at the bench, I just go ask them if they want to play. Then, they are happy." Daly laughed in response because our students know that showing kindness is that simple.