Canterbury Student Art on Display at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital

Last year, our middle school art program partnered with Johns Hopkins All Childrens’ Hospital to provide artwork for the radiology department waiting room.  During the COVID-19 lockdown, it became extremely important for our students to experience the unique catharsis of creativity during a stressful time, and create artwork to help inspire other children and their families during potentially stressful moments. 

A very special thanks to Veronica Burns of Johns Hopkins All Children’s and our middle school art teacher, Meredith Brandimore, for making this exhibition possible! 

“Before starting these pieces, we discussed as a class what kinds of artwork would cheer up children visiting the hospital,” said Meredith. “As this took place during Covid, we also talked about how fortunate we are to be healthy individuals and that we can show kindness towards others by wearing a mask. My students worked incredibly hard for months and I feel a big sense of pride to see their beautiful work on display.”

The upcoming Tee It Up Golf Tournament will benefit the art program at both the Hough and Knowlton campuses, ensuring that our art students have all the supplies they need to create more artwork like the pieces displayed at Johns Hopkins All Children’s. Stay tuned for more information about Tee It Up!