Exciting news spread across campus last Friday. Not one but TWO of our science teachers won The Barrett Family Foundation Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teacher Award this year!

Two-time winner Ms. Jenna LoDico was thrilled to welcome her colleague and friend, Mrs. Bridgit Mathers, into a unique "club" of other Bay Area math and science teachers who have won the Barrett Award since 2013.

Created in 2013, The Barrett Award recognizes and awards exemplary high school math and science teachers throughout the Bay Area. Applicants must show their enthusiastic and innovative methods for teaching math and/or science in a 3-5 minute video along with a recommendation letter from the school head, a colleague, a student, their resume, and a personal letter. Winners of this prestigious award receive a $10,000 tax-free, cash award. 

Congratulations to Ms. Jenna LoDico and Mrs. Bridgit Mathers! Watch their video entries below! 


Jenna LoDico

Director of Marine Studies 


Bridgit Mathers

Science Department Chair