The Winter Sports Awards Ceremony is a celebration of our student-athletes for their commitment, desire to compete, and dedication to their sport in the middle of a pandemic.

This year would not be possible without the support of parents, coaches, teachers, and peers.  All too often, we had to learn lessons in patience, flexibility, and communication. We nailed that this year! This winter, we saw:

  • Varsity boys basketball team within two points of a district title
  • MS soccer team with its best record in six years
  • Continuous improvement by the girls basketball and soccer teams, knocking off some tough opponents
  • Resiliency of our boys soccer team battling injuries throughout the year to finish the year with grit and determination
  • Our Varsity boys basketball coach, Coach Marquel Cason, was recently named one of eight regional finalists out of over 600 applicants for the Positive Coaching Alliance’s Double-Goal Coach award

And to think, some schools weren’t given the opportunity to compete. We not only competed, but we did so at a high level. The 2020 season was a season of determination, adaptability, and perseverance.  We couldn’t be prouder of all we’ve accomplished!  

Student Government Vice President, Jared Mantell had the following to say to his fellow students:

"We in the Canterbury community quite often hear of the achievements of our fellow students. Be they straight-A’s, National Merit qualifications, or college acceptances, there is never a shortage of dedication for us to reward."

"Day-in and day-out, whilst many in the student body struggle with workload, time-management, and extracurricular activities, it is our student-athletes that choose to take on the additional burden of representing our school in a competitive environment."

"These students are not paid, are not given service hours, and are not incentivized in any form, yet they choose to spend their afternoons and weekends practicing and dedicating to the sport they love."

"School-athletics is a responsibility and a commitment, as an out-of-school athlete myself, I can tell you, it isn’t easy. For every hour student-athletes stare at a textbook, an equivalent hour must be spent on the court, field, track, or in my case dojang."

"So to my fellow student-athletes, whether you represent our school from this stage today, or represent yourself from a classroom watching this live, congratulations, your effort has paid off, and may it continue to do so for the rest of your athletic career."


The following awards will be given: certificates for MS and JV participation, Letters for first time Varsity letter winners in any sport, sport pins for a first time Varsity award for a specific sport, and a service bar, which recognizes continued Varsity commitment to that sport. Per Canterbury’s athletic handbook, Varsity letters are earned by attending 75% of the team's practices and games.  Individual awards decided upon by the coaches will be given out this morning.

children receiving awards

MS Soccer and Coach Brittney Rangel

Callen Burnett -- Most Improved Player -- Callen underwent the biggest transformation I've ever seen a soccer play undergo in such a short time. In the beginning of the season, I had to teach this player how to not trip over his feet while he tried to shoot, and he finished the season scoring MULTIPLE headers. I wish I could take credit, but this is all him - he has a bright future ahead in soccer if he chooses it. 

Henry Carlson

Ella Cash

Michael Connors -- Most Valuable Player -- "It should come as no surprise [Michael] sets the example of what a player should be. He's at every practice, every game, and making us laugh through it all. He sets the example of proper running form, how to keep your cool, and how to give your all. Not to mention that the last save of our last game was one of the best saves I've ever seen."

Kalin Dixon -- Best Offensive Player -- "We are so happy he [joined the team this year] as he scored more than one hat-trick and brought a fun, competitive attitude to the team. He kept his cool when the other teams tried to get under his skin, and I am proud of the player and young man he's becoming."  

Aubrey Evans

Kiersten Gulick

Katy Klymenko

Tadeja Milic

Tesscani Moore

Katherine Morillo

Chloe Nuss -- Best Defensive Player -- "Chloe has so much energy and light on and off the field. She held her own through all the boys she went up against, and I never was afraid when I saw her in a 1:1 situation. She stepped up big when we needed her, and she never failed to give her all every single game." 

Jullian Ollerer

Bella Tadros

Tylor Woodward


student receiving award

Varsity Girls Soccer and Coach Suchanek

Ana Berenguer -- service bar -- The Most Improved Player -- Ana is a model player. She gives 100% at practices and games and has a positive attitude. She started every game that she was able to and made her first varsity goal this season and also had an assist.

Mackenzie Bergstrom

Avery Bond -- soccer pin

Kaili Cannon -- Varsity letter 

Ella Cash

Kiersten Gulick

Jill Harrington -- service bar

Tayten Moore -- service bar -- The Best Defensive Player -- Tayten is resilient and controlled the opponents through her aggressiveness and speed. When she was not on the field, her teammates noticed the missing link.  

Tesscani Moore -- service bar -- The Best Offensive Player -- Tess is dedicated, motivated, and focused. She was our leading scorer with 9 goals and 3 assists this season.

Allison Mortimer -- service bar

Taj’Unique Moses -- Varsity letter

Ceci Nuss

Chloe Nuss

Giselle Preudhomme

Hannah Ross -- service bar

Katie Schaffner -- service bar

Bella Tadros -- service bar

Sarah Young -- service bar


student receiving award

Varsity Boys Soccer and Coach Milen Gaganelov

Cristian Brunetti -- service bar -- Most Valuable Player -- MVP Awards are hard-earned. Christian is the captain of our team for several seasons, the “engine” who is always working hard on the background to bring the other kids to the field for practice, or games. For the past couple of seasons, he has shown an impressive improvement, especially in his strong character. It was a tough battle which he has won, and I’m sure it will help him in all of his future endeavors. He will be dearly missed by the team as one of the key “ingredients” we were lucky to have. 

Callen Burnett -- Varsity letter/soccer pin 

Kalin Dixon -- Varsity letter/soccer pin

Jameson Jensen -- Varsity letter/soccer pin

Luke Liberato -- service bar -- Coaches Award -- Luke is the quiet one. This young man’s personality and high intelligence prevents him from being “the soul” of the team. You will see him always by himself, a couple of feet aside from the group, dressing for practice quietly, which would fool any bystander for a passive and discouraged player. The game is the switch for him. You will see a totally different Luke. Passionate and hardworking, he has been one of the key pillars for the team throughout the season. Recovering from a past injury, he has been consistently challenged to perform at a high level, and he always delivered. The best part is that, despite a great season, he has not shown his full potential yet.  

Alejandro Lugo -- service bar

Ian McDonald -- Varsity letter/soccer pin

Tytan Moore -- service bar

Sam Rothburd -- Varsity letter/soccer pin -- Crusader Award -- As a new member of the team this season, Sam quickly turned into one of the most important players in the team. Aside from being one of the best performing players on the field each game day, he is hard-working, and determined. He is in love with the game and his passion for it has no limits, which is “contagious” and spreads like a wildfire, benefitting the entire team. I cannot wait to see what Sam has for the team next year.

Oliver Schad -- service bar

Austin Stuck -- soccer pin

Tylor Woodward -- Varsity letter/soccer pin


MS Boys Basketball and Coach Dan Riggs

Xander Brooks

Callen Burnett -- Hustle Award -- Callen has an infinite motor. On the court he plays super hard, diving after balls, grabbing rebounds…regardless if someone else already has the rebound, blocking shots, and sometimes acting as point guard bringing the ball up the court, even though we are hollering to him to get it to a guard. 

Bryce Carr

Nolan Doughty

Brady Fallon

Tommy Ham

Christian Lennerth

Dylan McLaughlin

Blake Powers

Gianni Rivera -- Rookie of the Year -- Christian brought new energy to this year’s team, along with his high basketball IQ, and love for trying reverse layups whenever he could. He was a huge help to the team playing as a guard, forward and center at times. He has solid skills, a sweet shot, and will only get better each year.

Guido Rodriguez

Roman Wilder -- Team Most Valuable Player -- Roman had to do many things: bringing the ball up the court, starting the offense, getting shots up, rebounding, getting steals, and sometimes playing every minute. When introducing new drills, I knew I could count on him to be the first to start the drill, because he picks up on new things quickly. His shooting and ball handling have improved immensely from last year, when he was the Rookie of the Year.

Sam Wyness


student receiving award

JV Boys Basketball and Coach Curt Edwards

Lou Byron-Donnelly -- Offensive Player of the Year -- Lou is in the gym all the time! He is constantly shooting and working out to improve his skills. Starting on JV as only an 8th grader, he led the team in scoring. We look forward to great things in the future from this player.

Syrjieo Flowers

Mason Hawk

Brennan Kelly

Logan Li

Tytan Moore -- Defensive Player of the Year --  Tytan is a tough competitor. He played every second with 150% effort with a lot of heart and pride, and he created many turnovers for a team.

William Roberts

Zack Spinazzola

Charles Wilder

Austin Wooley


Varsity Girls Basketball and Coach Kenneth Powell

Mia Beltran -- service bar

Samantha Beltran -- service bar -- Defensive Player of the Year -- Sammy improved greatly throughout the year. She gave 100% in practice and in every game from great turnovers on defense to helping her teammates around her.  

Lilly Berget -- service bar

Maya Bickford -- service bar

Payton Cushman -- sport pin -- Co-Most Valuable Player -- Payton is one of two young ladies who made an impact every day in practice and in games, and gave 100% diving effort for loose balls and crashing the boards. They led the team in scoring average per game and were 2nd and 3rd in team rebounds. Coach Powell recognizes them for helping to make their teammates better every day.

Irianis Garcia -- service bar

Myriah Harrison -- Varsity letter/ pin

Seriya Hughes -- Varsity letter/pin

Ja’Maria Long -- Varsity letter/pin -- Co-Most Valuable Player -- Ja'Maria is one of two young ladies who made an impact every day in practice and in games, and gave 100% diving effort for loose balls and crashing the boards. They led the team in scoring average per game and were 2nd and 3rd in team rebounds. Coach Powell recognizes them for helping to make their teammates better every day.

Alayah Pedersen -- service bar

Mackenzie Tucker -- service bar

Sarah Young -- service bar


Varsity Boys Basketball and Coach Marquel Cason

Nicholas Aldrich -- Varsity letter/pin

Bryson Ball -- sport pin

Antwon Cummings -- Varsity letter/pin -- Defensive Player of the Year -- Antwon's effort and energy was contagious this season on the defensive end. He rebounded the ball very well for us this season, finishing second in rebounds on the team. He created havoc for the opposing team throughout each and every game.  His intensity, positive energy, and smile he brought to the court every day will be missed.

Sam Lee -- service bar

Alfredo Lugo -- Varsity letter/pin

Ian MacDonald -- sport pin

Tytan Moore -- sport pin

Percy Pedersen III -- service bar -- Outstanding Player of the Year -- Percy led the team in scoring with an average of 21 points per game, and he has received an offer to play at Southwestern College. On several occasions, he was named the Pinellas Private School Conference Player of the Week, and led his team to a district final matchup. He is also recognized as the blue-collar player of the year. Points are earned based on offensive and defensive rebounds, steals, deflections, floor dives and charges taken.

Ayden Ramos -- service bar

Dominic Smith -- service bar -- Offensive Player of the Year -- Dominic took a tremendous step forward in his scoring and on several occasions led the team in scoring.  His hard work in the off season contributed to this transformation.  His offensive output was highlighted by his 25 point game in the district championship game against Bayshore. We look forward to great things from him in the future.  

Nikola Vojnovic -- Varsity letter/pin

Curtis Williams -- service bar

Drew Young -- sport pin