By Rivers L., Class of 2020


Hello everyone.

My name is Rivers, and I have attended Canterbury since Pre-K, earning me the title of “lifer”. I have always greatly valued academics, but I am also heavily committed to basketball-I am striving to play in college, and have taken part in many clubs over the years. My biggest asset towards success in all of my activities has been time management and balance. I have to heavily utilize study halls and in-school periods to study and do homework because of my outside commitments. These activities keep me very busy all the time, but I make an effort to stay balanced and take a deep breath when I am feeling stressed. I make sure to include time to just enjoy the moment with family and friends to keep myself centered. These things, along with a good amount of hard work, have allowed me to walk across this stage many times, and now I am blessed with the opportunity to speak at this podium.

Students, this assembly serves to recognize your commitment to your studies. Academic accomplishment requires diligence, determination, and time management, and excelling in school is no small task. If you walked across this stage today, you should take great pride and joy in your accomplishments, as they are worthy of recognition. Reflect happily on a job well-done. However, now is not the time to rest on your laurels. Whether you are getting ready to begin high school next year or have just started middle school, there is a long road ahead. You must remain focused. Keep up the habits that have brought you to this point, and continue striving to be your best each day. If you did not receive an award today, the same words apply. There is a long road ahead. You have many opportunities to grow and succeed, and as long as you believe in yourself and work hard, you can achieve anything you dream of. School presents challenges for all of us at certain points, but these obstacles can be overcome with dedication. Success cannot always be defined in terms of outward measurement. If you have put your best foot forward and given your best effort, you are already a success. Continue to do your best in anything that you take on.

All of you are very fortunate to receive such a wonderful education. Remember to be grateful. Thank your teachers for caring for you and always offering any help that you may need. Thank your parents for giving you the opportunity to attend a school that nurtures your mind and soul. Although the road ahead is long, it will speed by. Remember to take a look at the sights around you. It feels as if yesterday I was reluctantly putting on a shirt and tie to experience my first awards assembly in Fifth Grade. Appreciate each day along the way of your journey, and balance your academic commitment with activities that you enjoy and have passion for, whether that be athletics, arts, or simply spending time with your friends and family. The road ahead is long, but you are all in full control of your vehicles.

Thank you.

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