Student Life

Our two campuses are like age-appropriate neighborhoods.

Canterbury’s lower school campus is a close-knit community of students, parents, teachers, and staff that comes together to support each other at every opportunity, encourages growth and forges lifelong friendships.

Our middle and upper school campus continues the support and encouragement begun on the lower campus, as faculty and staff help students develop into more responsible, independent young adults.

As a premier private school in St. Petersburg, we know that educating the whole child means offering a wide range of experiences. Co-curricular activities not only expand learning opportunities beyond the classroom but provide a richer, more organic educational experience with peers and faculty as well.

You always have something to do here, and it’s always productive. And if you’re working on it by yourself and you need help, you can be sure to find people who will help you finish it. People here are compassionate.” -- Brandon S. (‘17)

Athletics, performing arts, clubs, class trips, buddy programs, and daily academic activities give students the ability to interact with other age groups and grades–not just those in their own class. By participating in activities outside the classroom, students are exposed to a broader spectrum of cultures and environments.