Middle School Clubs and Activities

Interested in Percy Jackson, robotics, dolphins, #hashtags or helping world civilizations in need?

We’ve got you covered.

Our clubs and activities allow you to discover and pursue passions beyond the classroom and to develop leadership skills. Some activities, such as National Junior Honor Society, are invitational. Members of Student Council are elected by peers. Students who can find an adviser can start a new club at any time.

Honor Societies and Competition Clubs

  • Geography Bee
  • Honor Societies and Academic Competitions
  • National Junior Honor Society
  • ROV Competition Team
  • Junior Thespians
  • Math Counts

Special Interest Clubs

Clubs and co-curricular activities may change, depending upon the level of student interest. The following list shows some of the current offerings for middle school students:

Board Game Club Gourmet Club International Studies Club
Curiouser and Curiouser iPad Medics Marine Studies Club
Dolphin Research Club Social Media Club #CSFNews Reading Enrichment
Girls on the Run CSF Radio 107.7 Student Council
Reading/Book Club Sports Club

Middle School Community Service

Each grade level participates in a predetermined community service outreach, as listed below. Additionally, students may start their own community service projects at any time and enlist the help of their peers through a presentation at assembly.

  • Grade 5 collections donations for Pet Pal/Friends of Strays.
  • Grade 6 students
    • harvest marsh grass from the lower school nursery and plant it along Tampa Bay to stop beach erosion.
    • collect books for Books to Haiti.
    • grow a vegetable garden, the harvest of which is donated to a food bank.
  • Grade 7 students
    • harvest marsh grass from the lower school nursery and plant it along Tampa Bay to stop beach erosion.
    • hydroponically grow lettuce in science class, which is harvested and taken to the manatee hospital at Lowry Park Zoo and fed to the recovering manatees.
    • collect Sallie House donations.
  • Once a month, all year long, Grade 8 students cook, serve and clean up dinner at Ronald McDonald House.
  • ALL GRADES. Each advisory takes a holiday wish list from a foster child and fulfills his/her list (and beyond).

Athletics and Arts

In compliance with the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA), competitive athletics begin in Grade 6. See Our Middle School Athletic Teams.

In the arts, students may be a member of the cast and crew of the middle school theater production or the all-school musical. Learn more about our Arts program.

Grade 5 / Grade 12 Buddy Program

At the beginning of the school year, all Grade 5 students are paired with a senior who becomes their buddy for the year. There are planned, monthly activities with buddies, such as ice cream socials, games in the gym, and fun art projects. The purpose of this program is two-fold:

  1. Fifth grade students who might be intimidated about being the “little kids on the big campus” now have an instant friend and mentor, a “cool senior” to support them in their endeavors and high-five them in the hallways.
  2. Seniors greatly enjoy taking care of their “little buddies,” decorating their lockers at the beginning of the year and at holidays, calling them to sit with them at athletic events, and exercising compassion and empathy whenever their buddies just need a hug.

The Grade 5/Grade 12 Buddy Program is an extension of the PK4/Grade 4 Buddy Program on the Lower Campus. It is a testament to the success of this program that it was the very first Grade 4 Buddy class who suggested that a similar program with the Grade 5 students be started when they became seniors. This program is 100% student-driven.

Senior/Grade 5 buddy activities include a water balloon toss in the spring and cutting paper snowflakes in December.

Middle School Class Trips

Each grade participates in extended field trips as part of the curriculum. Trips are designed to build relationships, foster leadership skills, and provide experiential learning.

Grade 5: Blue Springs and Florida Museum of Natural History >> Gainesville

Students and chaperones travel to Gainesville for a full day of activities that includes a tour of the Florida Museum of Natural History and an afternoon swimming in beautiful Blue Springs.

Grade 6: Pathfinder Outdoor Education >> Lithia

Students and teachers travel to Cedarkirk Camp and Conference Center near Lithia, Florida, for a three-day program run by Pathfinder Outdoor Education. Focus is on teambuilding and class unity while experiencing low-ropes challenges, canoeing and group problem-solving.

Grade 7: MarineLab >> Key Largo

Environmental education and a chance to swim with manatees offer first-hand Florida ecology studies to our students during this January day trip. In April, students have a four-day trip to MarineLab on Key Largo in the Florida Keys as part of marine science studies.

Grade 8: Kanuga >> North Carolina

Sunday through Friday in early fall, students and teachers travel to the Mountain Trail Outdoor School, sponsored by Kanuga Conference Center in Hendersonville, North Carolina. This curriculum includes natural science study, community building and adventure-based endeavors to increase understanding of mountain ecosystems. The trip culminates with three days of hiking and camping in the Pisgah National Forest.

Middle School Local Field Trips

  • Enterprise Village - Grade 5
  • Swim with the Manatees, Crystal River - Grade 7
  • Finance Park - Grade 8
  • Florida Holocaust Museum - Grade 8
  • Ybor City: Columbia Restaurant and cigar factories - Grade 7 Spanish classes

In the words of a club sponsor...

“Girls on the Run has been such a positive learning experience. It really shows our young women that, through hard work, you can achieve any goal, and they will carry that into other aspects of their life. In addition to the positive physical benefits, Girls on the Run also has a strong character development component. There is so much instant gratification today, but through running you learn to persevere. You learn not to quit. Our girls discover, one step at a time, that anything is possible." -- Claudine Cieutat, Lower School Principal and former Girls on the Run Coach