Upper School Clubs and Activities

Interested in songwriting, scuba diving, student government, #hashtags, or helping people in need?

We’ve got you covered.

Our more than 30 clubs and organizations are tailored to allow you to discover and pursue passions beyond the classroom and to develop leadership skills. That number continues to grow in response to student-initiated requests. Students may work with our faculty to start a new club at any time. Some activities, such as National Honor Society, are by invitation, based upon a set criteria. Members of Student Council are elected by peers.

Honor Societies, Service, and Competition Clubs

French Honor Society
NJCL Latin Honor Society
National Honor Society
National Junior Honor Society
Spanish Honor Society
Student Council
Ocean Bowl
Model United Nations
Mu Alpha Theta

Special Interest Clubs

The following are a few of the activities that upper school students enjoy:

Animal Advocates Intntnl. Studies Club Scuba Venture Crew 210
Aquarium Club Intramurals Songwriter’s Workshop
Chess Club Investment Club
Student Ambassadors
CSF Radio 107.7
Mock Trial Thespians
Dolphin Research Club Recycling Team
Women & Human Rights Club
Flwshp. of Christian Athletes
Writing & Grammar Lab

Upper School Community Service

Each grade level participates in a predetermined community service outreach, as listed below. The organizations supported changes each year, and each grade votes on what they’d like to support in a given year.

Additionally, students may start their own community service projects at any time and enlist the help of their peers through a presentation at assembly. Eighty hours of community service are required for graduation, but most students far exceed that number (the average is 125 hours).

Athletics and Arts

Competitive athletics begin in Grade 6. See our JV and Varsity athletic teams.

In the arts, students may be a member of the cast and crew of the upper school theater production or the all-school musical. Learn more about our Arts program

Grades 5/Grade 12 Buddy Program

At the beginning of the school year, all Grade 5 students are paired with a senior who becomes their buddy for the year. There are planned, monthly activities with buddies, such as ice cream socials, games in the gym, and fun art projects. The purpose of this program is two-fold:

  1. Fifth grade students who might be intimidated about being the “little kids on the big campus” now have an instant friend and mentor, a “cool senior” to support them in their endeavors and high-five them in the hallways.
  2. Seniors greatly enjoy taking care of their “little buddies,” decorating their lockers at the beginning of the year and at holidays, calling them over to sit with them at athletic events, and exercising compassion and empathy whenever their buddies just need a hug.
The Grade 5/Grade 12 Buddy Program is an extension of the PK4/Grade 4 Buddy Program on the lower campus. It is a testament to the success of this program that it was the very first Grade 4 Buddy class who suggested that a similar program with the Grade 5 students be started when they became seniors. This program is 100% student-driven.

Upper School Class Trips

Each grade participates in extended field trips as part of the curriculum. Trips are designed to provide experiential learning, build relationships, and foster leadership skills.

Grade 9: South Florida > Everglades and the Florida Keys

Freshmen explore the natural and cultural histories of south Florida, from the Gulf side through the Everglades to the Atlantic and south to Key West. Marine Science and Florida heritage will be prominent topics, for which students will conduct an ongoing research project on a relevant subject of their choosing. To this end, students will develop skills in creative documentation and journaling of their experience.

Grade 9 also attends a one-day Pathfinders team building retreat at DaySpring.

Grade 10:

North Florida > St. Augustine and Tallahassee

Coordinated by the Upper School Assistant Principal and the Social Science Department Chair, this trip takes Sophomores on a journey back in time to the oldest city in the United States: Saint Augustine, Florida. After exploring the historical and cultural significance of the city, students will then travel to Tallahassee. There, they will experience state government first-hand, reinforcing the work they are doing in their government course.

Grade 11:

Marine Studies > Suwannee River

Juniors embark on a week-long river trip. They camp each night, both at state parks and river campsites, preparing all meals. They canoe downriver each day to a new location, and spend additional time exploring some of the ecosystems in North Florida. Rivers have included the Suwannee and Santa Fe.

Grade 12:

Senior Retreat

As part of the Pathfinder Education program, seniors travel to Cedarkirk Camp and Conference Center in Lithia, Florida. Students participate in high ropes challenge activities to prepare them further to work in teams and conquer fears in college. They also spend much time reflecting and fostering cohesion of the entire class as they move toward graduation.

Upper School Local Field Trips

Upper school students take a variety of field trips based upon their class curriculum. Current field trips include Marine Studies research trips, lunch at a Greek restaurant for the Ancient Greece class, a day of workshops at USF’s Day of Theater for Canterbury Thespians, and visits to local nursing homes, non-profit fundraising luncheons, etc. by the Canterbury Singers.

What parents are saying...

Thank you for the wonderful article about Dalton in CSFeatures magazine. He loves Canterbury! I bet he tells me at least monthly how much he loves his school. We are very thankful he attends a school with such loving and caring teachers, faculty and students. I am amazed by how close the kids are to each other; they all seem to get along so well!”
-- Debbie S., mother of Dalton (‘17)

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