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Enriching Minds, Shaping Futures

At Canterbury, our school fosters a dynamic community of aspiring engineers, artists, writers, scientists, entrepreneurs, diplomats, and scholars through diverse academic programs. Our collaborative and real-world-focused environment, supported by cutting-edge digital tools, extends learning experiences beyond traditional boundaries.

Meet students and faculty and catch the Canterbury spirit.

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Signature Programs

Our academic program integrates our signature programs of marine studies, arts, and athletics to cultivate well-rounded individuals, fostering creativity, physical health, and a deep understanding of our marine ecosystems within a holistic educational framework.

Marine Studies

Dive into Excellence

Our comprehensive PK-12 marine studies program offers hands-on learning, impactful service opportunities, and engaging community events, cultivating a passion for marine science and conservation in our students.

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Crew 210 coral

Visual and Performing Arts

Unleash Creativity

From captivating theatrical and musical performances to inspiring student art exhibits, our PK-12 visual and performing arts program fosters exploration and artistic excellence, nurturing the talents of every student.

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Character Development

Leadership Ethics Advocacy Dignity Service 

LEADS instills moral courage through interactive lessons and real-world applications, empowering students to make ethical decisions and positively impact their communities.

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Canterbury's no-cut policy promotes Sportsmanship

Cultivated through our PK-12 athletics program, students develop essential skills while embracing a healthy lifestyle, fostering confident athletes who not only compete but also relish the joy of sportsmanship and physical wellness.

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Flag Morning Assembly

Beginning as early as PK3, we empower students to excel in public speaking. From reading their first chapter book to creating and performing Spanish plays, our students celebrate academic achievements. Additionally, they showcase their talents by playing musical pieces, while also participating in skits that promote our Character Development program. Students step onto an open floor, expressing themselves freely—a powerful journey that nurtures understanding, respect, and appreciation for diverse cultures, environments, and the beautiful tapestry of human differences.

After School and Enrichment

After School Hours

Canterbury offers after school opportunities for students that include themed enrichment programs and aftercare.

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Summer Programs (Camps)

June 3 - July 19, 2024

From marine science and STEAM to athletics and
academics, Canterbury School of Florida offers exciting,
educational, and themed camps for PK3 through Grade 12.

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Learn more about why you CAN at Canterbury

Canterbury offers an array of offerings in many different areas. We promote student engagement in their areas of comfort but also encourage, offer, and support opportunities to learn something new outside of their comfort zone.