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Seas of Knowledge: Cultivating Ocean Stewards from K-12

At Canterbury School of Florida, nurturing responsible stewards of the world is central to its mission, reflected in the Marine Studies program. This comprehensive initiative spans PK3 to Grade 12, offering an immersive exploration of marine science and environmental education. With a curriculum blending experiential learning and inquiry-based approaches, students engage deeply in understanding the intricate relationship between humanity and the ocean environment.

Sea turtle

Immersing in the Depths of Learning: Canterbury’s Marine Studies Program - A Voyage from PK3 to Grade 12


Within the Marine Studies program, students are immersed in a diverse array of experiences, including community service endeavors, field trips, and habitat restoration projects. Additionally, they benefit from specialized programs such as the SCUBA program and the ROV club, complemented by partnerships with local institutions and engaging activities like the annual Canterbury Cup Catch-and-Release Fishing Tournament. This holistic approach extends beyond the classroom, fostering a lifelong commitment to marine conservation and stewardship among students across all grade levels.

Stretching Past our Waters

My passion for conservation and stewardship has continually grown throughout my career in marine sciences. Our oceans and estuaries have reached a critical point, and it is now more important than ever to foster a well-informed public about the survival of our oceans’ biodiversity. Quality education is the cornerstone for inspiring tangible, actionable, and positive change in relation to environmental conservation. I am constantly and consistently inspired by Canterbury School of Florida’s Marine Studies program and the efforts made by the community and students through stewardship, research, and environmental education.       

Audrey Mitchell, Director of Marine Studies

Program Highlights

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Casting Lines, Creating Memories: The Canterbury Cup - More Than Just a Fishing Tournament!

Join us for a day of fun and friendly competition at the Canterbury Cup! It’s not just about the catch - it’s about the community. Enjoy games, food, a water slide, and great conversation. Dive into the excitement and make lasting memories with us!

Learn more about the Canterbury Cup


The Cousteau Center for Marine Studies (CCMS)

The centerpiece of this program is the Cousteau Center for Marine Studies (CCMS). The CCMS provides students in all grades opportunities to gain hands-on experience studying the marine environment in a laboratory setting. The building houses a laboratory, classroom, laptop lab, and three brand-new aquarium touch tanks.

In addition to this one-of-a-kind space, the Marine Studies program also includes an outdoor classroom, aquaponics, a kayak and paddle board fleet, and a 23.5 ft. Sea Pro boat allows students to explore and study the waters of the Tampa Bay area.

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Our Scuba program is an immersive journey beneath the waves, where students not only earn their scuba certification but also actively participate in dives that open up a world of hands-on marine research and exploration.

Through this program, we aim to cultivate a generation of divers who are not only skilled in the art of scuba diving but are also stewards of the ocean, committed to its preservation and health.

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Dive a Little Further into our Program

Our program encompasses marine research, a variety of clubs and activities, and service opportunities. These facets aim to support and sustain the marine ecosystem, fostering a healthier planet for all.

Marine Research

Canterbury students of all ages are contributing to marine research, fostering a deeper understanding of our oceans and creating sustainable solutions that will have a profound and lasting impact on our global environment.

Get Involved in Clubs

Numerous clubs, ranging from the Kayak Club to Underwater Robotics, are offered in various areas, providing hands-on experiences and fostering a deeper engagement with marine studies.

Service to our Waters

Our program offers service projects such as beach cleanups and marsh grass planting, promoting sustainability, environmental health, and fostering a cleaner environment for future generations.



Canterbury's Marine studies program has given me the opportunity to excel inside and outside of the classroom. Canterbury's scuba diving program has allowed me to not only get my scuba certification but build my confidence as a diver. I’m grateful for this program and the opportunity’s it has given me! 

Kaylah B., Class of 2025

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Learn more about why you CAN at Canterbury

Canterbury has an array of offerings in many different areas. At Canterbury we promote student engagement in their areas of comfort, but also encourage, offer, and support opportunities to learn something new, outside of your comfort zone.