Fine and Performing Arts

Nowhere is the concept of experiential learning--a key component of our educational philosophy--more evident than in our fine and performing arts programs. For almost 50 years, Canterbury students have explored the worlds of music, visual, and performing arts, developing their skills and confidence with socially engaged performances and a spirit of collaboration.

Building a 9-foot-tall pelican made of recycled materials; sewing a dress for a Thespian State costume design competition; playing violin for an audience of 3,500 at a national People of Color Conference; and reinventing the works of Keith Haring for a community holiday card--these are just a few of the ways we encourage our students to push themselves beyond comfort zones through a variety of performances, art exhibits and concerts for all levels throughout the school year.

In the Lower School, students take music class once a week and participate in several musical performances and plays throughout the year. Learn more about Canterbury’s lower school arts curriculum.

Beginning in Middle School (Grade 5), students choose their arts elective once a semester. They are encouraged to try new activities, join clubs, and audition for productions in order to gain respect for the discipline required to master each of the arts. Learn more about Canterbury’s middle school arts curriculum.

Once artistic passions are discovered, they are fostered in the Upper School via a large offering of Arts courses (including Advanced Placement courses), affiliation clubs, and opportunities to perform and exhibit work. Learn more about Canterbury’s upper school arts curriculum.