College Counseling Philosophy

-- Frank Sachs, Past President, National Association for College Admission Counseling

Canterbury students are immersed in a rigorous and supportive academic experience which results in every student being accepted to college. Our academic program, in conjunction with an intense focus on building students’ college-readiness skills, creates a learning environment that fosters confidence and demands academic success. Although the college and university landscape has changed dramatically since Canterbury was founded in 1968, we continue to prepare our graduates for academic success and independence once they leave our care.

The College Counseling program at Canterbury School of Florida recognizes the diversity of students and families, and our obligation to give individual guidance. Each year our students collectively gain acceptance into the finest colleges and universities in the country, and they also wisely and responsibly select the colleges that are right for them. That means you can find Canterbury Crusaders just about anywhere, from Ivies to art schools. It’s not enough for students to get into college: we want them to succeed once they are there.

Alumni: See The End Result

The ultimate goal at Canterbury is not just to help students be successful in college, but also to be successful in life, with a curiosity that ensures the learning never ends. Here is what some Canterbury alumni have to say about their Canterbury and college experiences . . . | Learn more about our Alumni Association

"I got a sense of humility at Canterbury. There were so many talented and dynamic people and faculty there, and I felt like I had to do my best to keep up. "

-- Kris Goddard, Executive Director for Neighborhood Development for the New York City Department of Small Business Services | Canterbury Class of 2000 | Brown University Class of 2004 | Cornell University Masters in City and Regional Planning

"Canterbury offered me a strong academic foundation and enduring inquisitiveness, which have driven me to treat learning as a lifelong process."

-- Lora Saalman, Associate Professor at the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, where she gives lectures on weapons of mass destruction, cyber security, technology and deterrence, as well as Sino-Indian and Sino-Russian relations. Canterbury “lifer”--attended Kindergarten - Grade 12--Class of 1991 | University of Chicago Class of 1995 | Master’s degree from Monterey Institute for International Studies | PhD from Tsinghua University, China, the first American to earn a PhD from its Department of International Relations

"Academically, Canterbury was every bit as challenging as college. I first felt a spark for a life in journalism, at Canterbury. . . the project that had a profound influence on me was that Senior Capstone Writing Project (a.k.a. Senior Thesis). I researched and presented on The Future of Television News. It was through that research that I determined there was a huge market for cable news."

-- Jonathan Serrie, Fox News Correspondent for the Southeast | Canterbury Class of 1983 | Emory University Class of 1987

"As a young scientist, I spend my days reading, writing, and searching for novel methods to investigate the systems that characterize our planet. While I’m still finding my exact niche in academia, I am grateful every day for the verbal and quantitative skills I developed in my classes at Canterbury. Furthermore, the passion for science and discovery passed to me through the school’s fabulous teachers (special shout-out to Mr. Wyness!) has been an unparalleled motivator. Thank you, Canterbury, for giving me better academic preparation than I could have ever asked for! "

-- Annie Ritch, currently a graduate student researcher at Stanford University | Canterbury Class of 2010 | California Institute of Technology, Class of 2014

"The writing skills I learned at Canterbury definitely placed me at a distinct advantage over my peers at Columbia. Some classmates and I are now forming a start-up company, and I’m using those skills to write our web content."

-- Nico Leeper, entrepreneur | Canterbury Class of 2010 | Columbia University Class of 2014

College Counseling Events


  • Senior Application Boot Camp
  • College Visits Begin
  • Application Lunch Workshop
  • Upper School Parent Coffees


  • Junior College Counseling Day
  • Financial Aid Coffee
  • Practice ACT (Revolution Prep)
  • Senior College Counseling Night
  • Bay Area Independent Schools Fair
  • Mini Fair College Visits begin
  • Upper School Class Trips (college visits)


  • PSAT
  • Application Workshop Lunch
  • Bright Futures Application Completion


  • Individual Junior Meetings
  • Tampa Bay Case Studies (Juniors)
  • Individual Junior Meetings
  • PSAT Release for 9th, 10th, & 11th
  • Freshman Focus


  • National Decision Day
  • Celebrate Our Seniors
  • AP Exams week 1
  • AP Exams week 2

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