Interactive Libraries

Fostering a Culture of Reading and Research

With two library facilities, abundant resources and innovative technology, students at Canterbury gain knowledge from our Master's-level librarians who partner with teachers to impart the research skills that are critical for success in college and in life. Our inquiry-based teaching approach hinges on information literacy – knowing how to find, verify, use and cite information available in print and on the Web. The mission of our library program is to build a community of readers and thinkers.

Inspiring Atmospheres

Hough Campus (PK3 - Grade 4)

Serving our elementary school, the Interactive Library was re-envisioned in 2013 to create a space that liberates the exploration of ideas, encourages inquiry, imagination, discovery and creativity by connecting students to information, to each other and to communities around the world. It includes

  • Interactive display technology (SMARTboards and Promethean tables for group innovation and critical thinking)
  • A green screen for filming
  • iPads loaded with educational apps
  • Cozy places to curl up and read a book
  • And, of course, thousands of books, both print and electronic, for all reading levels.

Students are motivated to utilize library resources through activities and incentives such as

  • One School, One Book program each fall
  • The Sunshine State Young Reader Award
  • Battle of the Books
  • Summer reading programs
  • Spring Book Fair

These events make reading relevant, social and exciting. As students are challenged through various incentives, they discover a genuine love of reading.

Knowlton Campus (Grades 5 - 12)

The Carothers Family Library provides a place for middle and upper school students to expand their minds and develop strong study habits. The common area in our library empowers active and collaborative learning via a space that is open, dynamic and integrated with technology.

  • A green screen for filming video and audio podcasts, interviews, and auditions
  • Presentation spaces
  • One DSLR camera and two camcorders available for use for special projects
  • An adjoining makerspace
  • Couches and ottoman seating for comfort, flexibility, and group work


  • Encyclopedia Britannica Online
  • Ebrary (a database of 45,000+ eBooks)
  • QuestiaSchool (online research database for Grades 7 - 12)
  • Online Public Access Catalog or OPAC
  • SIRS Knowledge Source by Proquest
  • Magazine, newspaper and journal articles on current event