A Makerspace on Each Campus

A Place for Trial and Error

Our makerspaces (one on each campus) include

  • 3D printers
  • Media production
  • Circuitry and programming kits
  • LEGO robotics kits
  • Invention kits
  • Textiles and sewing machines
Canterbury’s makerspaces strengthen a mindset and culture of curiosity, creativity, collaboration, trust, resiliency, and problem-solving in our community. The makerspace is an incubator for innovation where questions are valued above answers, students learn by doing, and the final product is determined and assessed by the individual.

The school schedule gives all students ample time to work in these dynamic spaces, where they can use their hands and minds to conceive, design, and create while applying a myriad of concepts such as science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM), communication, leadership and teamwork. This encourages students to integrate thought processes that cross over numerous disciplines.

LEFT: Grade 3 students learn about circuits. RIGHT: Grade 4 students use LEGOs to demonstrate perimeter.

Why is this important? In a makerspace, students aren’t following a specific set of directions to create a set product. They are experimenting, imagining, making mistakes and adjustments to plans, and discovering where their imaginations can take them. And, all the while, they are having fun.

Each campus makerspace is staffed by an Academic Technology Coordinator to help teachers weave authentic, hands-on activities into their curriculum. Additionally, the spaces are equipped with a range of exciting resources for students.

Upper school student's stop-motion movie for an AP English Language project depicting major themes from the novel WILD by Cheryl Strayed.

Upper School Latin IV class uses stop-motion app and clay to re-create a Cicero speech

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A makerspace is a place to create, to think, to try, to work, to play, to step outside your comfort zone, to work with others, to think for yourself, to fail, to succeed. it is a judgement-free zone where students can experiment and be creative. -- Mac Hall, Head of School