FAQ for Parents

Lower School FAQ for Parents

What is the average class size for a grade?

Each grade level at the Lower School has two sections, each with a teacher and, for the lower levels (PK3 - K), a teacher’s aide. The student/teacher ratio is 8:1 in PK3 and PK4 and 9:1 in kindergarten. In Grades 1-4, the average class size is 16-18 students.

What makes the Canterbury experience different from other private schools in the area?

The Lower School is a learning lab where joyful exploration happens every day. Each morning, children run to the courtyard, wave hello to Ms. Patti, and rush to their classrooms because they are so excited to see their teachers and friends. Monday is their favorite day of the week. Why? To put it simply, Canterbury is a process school, not a product school. We are not interested in producing “cookie cutter” students who fit a specific mold. In contrast, we celebrate individuals, placing a great deal of value on the journey of learning, with the hope that it will become a lifelong process.

What is Chapel like?

Students, faculty, and those parents who would like to attend gather at a morning Chapel service each Thursday. This 30-minute service includes a character lesson by our Guidance Counselor, a scripture reading by a fourth grade student, and songs from multiple cultures led by our lower school music teacher. The service is completed with the Lord’s Prayer and a fun “Thank You” song in which students and parents share things for which they are grateful.

What is your lunch program and where do kids eat lunch?

Students can bring their own lunches or use our online ordering service to have a hot lunch delivered to school. Since 90% of our days are sunny and warm, students eat lunch every day under the sunshade in the courtyard, enjoying nature. When it rains during lunchtime, students eat in the classrooms.

What does it mean to be a Canterbury graduate?

By any measure, Canterbury School of Florida graduates are successful. They are class presidents and team captains, National Merit Scholars, and recipients of awards for academic and athletic achievement. They go on to found tech startups, direct documentaries, positively transform the world through service, and much more. Underlying it all is the strength of their characters and their commitments to lifelong learning. See our Portrait of a Graduate then meet our notable alumni.