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Fostering Greater Responsibility and Independence

Canterbury’s Middle School (Grades 5-8) exists as a bridge between the lower and upper school divisions, stressing academic, social, and life skills. We recognize that the middle school years are full of tremendous change. Thus, we strive to help our students thrive in an environment that balances structure and freedom within a safe, exciting, and challenging environment. Our students:

  • acquire an academic foundation which promotes continued success and personal growth.
  • tackle real-world problems that inspire critical thinking and rich classroom discussions.
  • develop leadership, respect, perseverance, and talent by participating in service clubs, special-interest groups, and academic competitions.
  • work with an advisor who serves as a mentor and advocate.
  • work collaboratively with each other.
  • develop confidence in their learning abilities.
  • communicate effectively through writing and public speaking.
  • recognize the value of cultural diversity.
  • develop an appreciation for the fine, applied, and performing arts.
  • contribute to the development of an honest and trusting school environment.
  • acquire an awareness of the role of technology in their future.
  • develop an environmental and global awareness.

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Extraordinary Opportunities

International Scientists Can Access Our Students’ Science Data

Canterbury students explore marine life using data collection tools that go far beyond traditional stopwatches and rulers. Our middle school marine science labs in the Cousteau Center for Marine Studies connect to the Cousteau Divers international program. They include a platform of sensors, software, and interfaces that help make data collection easier to accomplish, far more accurate, and accessible to scientists around the world who are looking to gather data about marine life in the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay