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School hours are from 7:45 a.m. until 3:12 p.m.

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Fostering Greater Responsibility and Independence
Canterbury’s Middle School (Grades 5-8) exists as a bridge between the lower and upper school divisions, stressing academic, social, and life skills. We recognize that the middle school years are full of tremendous change. Thus, we strive to help our students thrive in an environment that balances structure and freedom within a safe, exciting, and challenging environment. Our students

  • acquire an academic foundation which promotes continued success and personal growth.
  • tackle real-world problems that inspire critical thinking and rich classroom discussions.
  • develop leadership, respect, perseverance, and talent by participating in service clubs, special-interest groups, and academic competitions.
  • work with an advisor who serves as a mentor and advocate.
  • work collaboratively with each other.
  • develop confidence in their learning abilities.
  • communicate effectively through writing and public speaking.
  • recognize the value of cultural diversity.
  • develop an appreciation for the fine, applied, and performing arts.
  • contribute to the development of an honest and trusting school environment.
  • acquire an awareness of the role of technology in their future.
  • develop an environmental and global awareness.

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Student Fast Facts

School Community

Our two campuses are like small neighborhoods, and Canterbury’s middle school is a close-knit community of students, parents, teachers, and staff that comes together to support each other at every opportunity and event. Our students support and encourage each other’s learning, interests and accomplishments, forging lifelong friendships. Character development skills, community service opportunities, and academic and emotional support are a large part of the Canterbury experience.

Faculty and Administrators

All of our teachers are passionate about their subject areas and dedicated to working with this dynamic age group. Many of our faculty have advanced degrees, and all pursue ongoing professional development to offer students a top-tier education.

Our middle school students are guided by teachers who specialize in adolescent education and know how to encourage each student’s development as she/he navigates the emotional, physical, and social transition from childhood to adolescence. Student-teacher relationships matter and are fostered with intent. Both faculty and the student body gain wisdom in an environment of mutual respect. We prepare our students to take on more responsibility, make good decisions, and see the world through a wider lens.

Outside the classroom, teachers are mentors, role models, club leaders and our students’ biggest fans, cheering them on at sports games, checking out their latest art endeavors and giving them high fives for jobs well done. Learn more about our middle school teachers

Advisory and Character Education Program

LEADS, the character education program, covers life lessons on everything from dealing with authority and conflict to organizational and study skills. With this approach, our middle school is an inclusive and supportive learning environment in which students develop character, clarify values, build interpersonal skills, and enhance the school community. Learn more about our LEADS program

College Counseling

Of Canterbury graduates, 100% are accepted to college, and most attend their first choice. Canterbury's Director of College Counseling begins meeting with students in Grade 6 so that by the time they are ready to begin their college search, she knows them personally and can help them find the best schools and scholarships to suit their strengths. Learn more about our College Counseling program

After School Opportunities

After-school care is offered until 5:30 p.m. for an additional fee. Snacks are provided as well as enrichment activities; students may complete homework, craft, play board games, or read books.

Student Achievements

We design our programs to inspire you to explore your passions, develop your strengths and share your talents with classmates, teammates and the greater community. In fact each week at assembly we have “Celebrations” to cheer on and congratulate our talented students in their in-school and extracurricular endeavors. Our students are eager to make a difference, and we celebrate these accomplishments. View All News Stories

Beyond the Classroom

Middle school students are encouraged to take command of their own learning and time management of their academic and social growth through:

Academic Support and Enrichment

We offer our students academic support resources and services that include proactive academic support as well as free and for-pay tutoring. Learn more about middle school academic support.

"The services and staff provided through the learning center at Knowlton were of serious value to our daughter through the years. In addition to learning how to grow into how her brain works, the center put the school's values to practice by offering her a patient, loving, non-judgmental and peaceful environment. This was a service, an accommodation, a growth center, a relationship builder and certainly informed her esteem and confidence which would have certainly been challenged at other institutions. We all still benefit from the foundational tools she picked up as she is putting them to practice every day and building upon them. I will always be grateful to the program and its staff, especially Ms. Laura Conley." -- Michael C., father of a middle school student

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Middle School Principal
Paul Kostak

Knowlton Campus Assistant Principal
Molly Smith

Extraordinary Opportunities

International Scientists Can Access Our Students’ Science Data

Canterbury students explore marine life using data collection tools that go far beyond traditional stopwatches and rulers. Our middle school marine science labs in the Cousteau Center for Marine Studies connect to the Cousteau Divers international program. They include a platform of sensors, software, and interfaces that help make data collection easier to accomplish, far more accurate, and accessible to scientists around the world who are looking to gather data about marine life in the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay