FAQ for Students

Middle School FAQ for the Student

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What will my day be like?

Middle school students start every day with their advisors. They have an average of six classes throughout the day, interspersed with a break, lunch and an activity period that can include one of the following: club meeting, study hall, assembly, Chapel (once per week), recess, or even a dance party or lip sync contest! Yes, you read that correctly.

What makes the Canterbury experience different from other private schools in the area?

The Middle School is a learning lab where academic and social growth happens simultaneously each day as students transition into young adults. To put it simply, Canterbury is a process school, not a product school. We are not interested in producing “cookie cutter” students who fit a specific mold. In contrast, we celebrate individuals, placing a great deal of value on the journey of learning with the hope that it will become a lifelong journey.

Are there field trips?

Every class, Grades 5-12, takes an experiential learning class trip during the year to places such as Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina, and Key Largo, Florida, for MarineLab. See All Class Trips. Fifth grade students attend Enterprise Village to learn about economics and the working world. Sixth, seventh and eighth grade students all have off-campus community service projects as well. Learn About Middle School Community Service. Additionally, middle school students have a miniterm each March, during which there are half days dedicated to learning about responsibility, humanity, integrity and community. Read About Middle School Miniterm In Our Magazine.

Are there fun events?

All year long! From Homecoming Spirit Week to the Talent Show to the International Studies Food Festival and the surprise “Knight Day” each spring, there is always a reason to smile on campus. On Knight Day, the middle and upper school faculty surprise students on an unannounced day, as the students arrive to find there are NO classes--just fun, relaxation, and community games and arts.

What sports can I play?

We offer 12 different sports at the middle school, junior varsity and varsity levels. According to FHSAA rules, middle school students may not play sports until Grade 6. Our athletics program has a no-cut policy, so any student can join any team she/he is interested in. Learn more About Our Athletic Teams.

Can I do art and a sport?

Arts classes are held during the school day, and athletics are held after school, so it is easy to do both. Certain times of the year, if you are involved in a school play, you may have to negotiate practice and rehearsal schedules with your director and coach. This is a common practice (no pun intended).

What is your lunch program and where do I eat lunch?

Students can bring their own lunch or use our online ordering service to have a hot lunch delivered to school. Since 90% of our days are sunny and warm, most students eat lunch outside, enjoying nature. We do have an indoor Crusader Café where students can also sit and socialize.

What other 'fees' do you charge besides tuition?

You can find all academic and activity fees on our Admission Tuition and Fees page. Additional expenses might include uniforms (academic and athletic), lunches, Homecoming decoration supplies, school dances, athletic team photos, theater/Thespian participation fees, end-of-year class trips, donations for community service projects and dress down days, etc.

Whom can I ask if I have questions?

The great thing about Canterbury is, we’re a family, and we’re all in this together. You can ask ANYONE if you have questions. Students are always happy to help, as are faculty, administrators and staff.

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What grade is best to start private school?

We have many “lifers” at Canterbury--those students who attend from prekindergarten through graduation. The best thing about Canterbury is that no matter when you start, the students will welcome you with open arms and make you feel as if you’ve been here forever, and the teachers will help you get to where you need to be academically. That said, the sooner you can acclimate to Canterbury’s college prep rigor, the smoother your transition to college life will be.