Middle School Curriculum

Students enjoying recess together at Canterbury School of FloridaA rotating class schedule with seven class periods—including an activity period for clubs and special meetings every day—offers active engagement for students’ developing minds. An important part of the middle school student’s experience is a growing understanding of both internal and external worlds.
  • Beyond our core academic classwork, our character education curriculum emphasizes skills that are building blocks of your child’s educational success such as organization, time management, and study skills.
  • Technology supports learning in every discipline as middle school students build a strong foundation and prepare for the challenges of upper school.
  • Our comprehensive middle school fine arts program provides an important outlet for creativity and self-expression during these critical transition years.
  • Our 10 middle school sports and nine junior varsity sports teams build athletic abilities, teamwork, and life-balance skills.

Curriculum by Grade Level

Academic Support

Behind every student at Canterbury's middle school is a dedicated team of teachers and an advisor to support, motivate, and celebrate his or her journey. Our support teams work together to monitor our students' academic, social and emotional growth and development.

To address the diverse needs and the developmental levels of learners, all students in Grades 5-12 have access to the Knowlton Learning Center to manage enrichment needs or accommodations such as
  • providing a space for conferencing, drop-in extra help, one-on-one tutoring, and supplemental language arts classes.
  • creating learning plans for those who have documented learning differences.
  • overseeing the implementation of accommodations such extended-time testing.
  • administering extended time testing for midterm and final examinations.
  • providing referrals to families for access to community resources such as independent tutors and educational psychologists.
  • coordinating collaborative meetings for families, teachers, and support professionals.

Learning Center > (727) 521-5923

ADA Compliance

Canterbury School of Florida is committed to providing students and employees all rights granted in the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Act requires that schools make reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities provided there is no undue hardship to the school, no direct threat of harm to the individual or to others, and no fundamental alteration of the school’s program.

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