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Canterbury students attend school with peers who value academic achievement, and talented teachers who create a culture of high standards and expectations. This culture is also supported by our parent community. Leadership opportunities at every grade level help students discover and develop their own unique leadership skills and potential. The curriculum at Canterbury School of Florida focuses on developing students who are able to

  • analyze problems
  • use prior knowledge to solve problems
  • read and think critically to process new information
  • excel at articulating their knowledge both verbally and in writing

These skills, along with a traditional liberal arts curriculum and a signature marine studies program, prepare our students not only to get into the top colleges in the nation, but to thrive and succeed once they're there. Get answers to all your frequently asked questions.

Student Fast Facts

School Community

Our two campuses are like small, age-appropriate neighborhoods. Canterbury’s Knowlton Campus (for middle and upper school, Grades 5-12) is a close-knit community of students, parents, teachers, and staff that comes together to support each other at every opportunity. Our students encourage each other’s learning, interests and accomplishments, while forging lifelong friendships. Character development skills, community service opportunities, and academic and emotional support are a large part of the Canterbury experience.

Faculty and Administrators

All of our teachers are passionate about and well trained in their subject areas and dedicated to their students. Many have advanced degrees, and all pursue ongoing professional development to offer students a world-class education. Our upper school faculty prepares our students to take on more responsibility, make good decisions, and see the world through a wider lens.

Faculty and administrators are continuously focused on “best practices” in education, from the latest in cognitive science to project-based learning. We are a community of learners and professionals who strive to understand what is best for our students.

Outside the classroom, teachers are mentors, role models, club leaders and our students’ biggest fans, cheering them on at sports games, checking out their latest art installation and giving them kudos for jobs well done. Learn more about our upper school teachers.

Advisory and Character Education Program

Canterbury's rigorous private school academic program prepares students to be successful in college and in life. LEADS, our character education program, develops character, clarifies values, builds interpersonal skills, enhances the school community and provides academic and personal support. Learn more about our LEADS program.

College Counseling

Of Canterbury graduates, 100% are accepted to college, and most attend their first choice. Canterbury's Director of College Counseling begins meeting with students in Grade 7 so that, by the time they are ready to begin their college search, she knows them personally and can help them find the best schools and scholarships to suit their strengths. Beginning in Grade 9, grade-level presentations and mock admission interviews are offered to students and parents. Students in Grades 9-11 take a statewide class trips and visit colleges and universities to see the options available at schools that are public and private, large and small. Learn more about our College Counseling program

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

Our 20 Advanced Placement courses are OPEN ENROLLMENT; enrollment does not require teacher approval, just prerequisite courses necessary to achieve success (which is a different practice than at most schools). The philosophy behind this practice is based on idea that every student at Canterbury should have the opportunity to experience the rigors of an Advanced Placement, college-level course, to reach beyond comfort zones, and possibly to surprise themselves. The value of this process not only allows students to excel in college-level courses, but to take academic risks in a nurturing environment.

Even with open enrollment, Canterbury can boast an AP pass rate of 78%. Florida’s average is 54% and the global average is 60%. Further, each year Canterbury students consistently receive academic achievement as AP Scholars, AP Scholars with Honor, AP Scholars with Distinction, and National AP Scholars.

Review our High School Curriculum Guide

Student Achievements

We design our programs to inspire you to explore your passions, develop your strengths and share your talents with classmates, teammates and the greater community. In fact, each week at assembly we cheer on and congratulate our talented students in their in-school and extracurricular endeavors. Our students are eager to make a difference, and we celebrate these accomplishments.

Beyond the Classroom

  • Out-of-town class trips build peer relationships and reinforce core values.
  • All students must complete 80 hours of community service before graduation; however, each year our students far surpass that. The 40 seniors of the Class of 2015 collectively completed more than 6,911 hours of service over four years and more than doubled the required 80 hours each all due to a desire to serve.

Academic Support and Enrichment

We offer our students academic support resources and services that include proactive academic support as well as free and for-pay tutoring. Learn more about upper school academic support.

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