Upper School Curriculum

Class of 2019 Highlights

  • A senior class of 47 students
  • The total four year value as of May 1, 2019 is valued at $6.2 Million
  • 32 seniors took 151 Advanced Placement Examinations. Learn More About Our AP Courses.
  • 7 seniors earned the distinction of AP Scholar, 3 seniors earned AP Scholar with Honors, and 2 seniors earned the award of AP Scholar with Distinction.
  • 7 seniors were recruited to play a sport at the collegiate level
  • 2 seniors applied to performing & visual arts colleges and conservatories
  • The senior class accumulated over 4700 hours of community service

Academic Support

Behind each student at Canterbury is a dedicated team of teachers and an advisor to support, motivate, and celebrate his or her journey. Our support teams work together to monitor our students' academic, social and emotional growth and development.

To address the diverse needs and the developmental levels of learners, all students in Grades 5-12 have access to the Knowlton Learning Center to manage enrichment needs or accommodations such as

  • providing a space for academic coaching, one-on-one tutoring, drop-in extra help, and conferencing.
  • creating learning plans for those who have documented learning differences.
  • overseeing the implementation of accommodations such extended-time testing.
  • administering extended time testing for midterm and final examinations.
  • providing referrals to families for access to community resources such as independent tutors and educational psychologists.
  • coordinating collaborative meetings for families, teachers, and support professionals.

ADA Compliance

Canterbury School of Florida is committed to providing students and employees all rights granted in the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Act requires that schools make reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities provided there is no undue hardship to the school, no direct threat of harm to the individual or to others, and no fundamental alteration of the school’s program.

Graduation Requirements

Canterbury offers courses that are far more challenging than classes found at public institutions. Graduation requirements include:

  • 25 credit hours
  • A minimum of 80 community service hours (student average is 125 hours)
  • SENIOR CAPSTONE WRITING PROJECT. Each senior writes a persuasive research paper; the research culminates in an interactive multimedia presentation to faculty. Students meet with advisors, generate significant research, develop strong writing skills, and prepare an informative speech for the faculty presentation. Previous topics include Major League Baseball’s Economic Effect on a City, Police Brutality and Inequality, Ineffectiveness of Organ Donor Processes and Regulations, Ecological Repercussions of Big Game Hunting in Africa, and Abuse of Horses in Competition.

A bit about our Advanced Placement (AP) courses . . .

Our 20 Advanced Placement courses are OPEN ENROLLMENT, which means enrollment does not require teacher approval--just prerequisite courses necessary to achieve success (which is a different process than at most schools). The philosophy behind this practice is based on idea that every student at Canterbury should have the opportunity to experience the rigor of an Advanced Placement, college-level course, to reach beyond comfort zones, and possibly to surprise themselves. We believe there is great value in this process as students learn what it takes to prepare for college-level courses and exams.

Even with open enrollment, Canterbury can boast an AP pass rate of 78%. Florida’s average is 54% and the global average is 60%.

Courses Offered

Language Arts

English (9) Honors / Advanced Honors
World Literature (10) Honors / Advanced Honors
American Literature (11) Honors / Advanced Honors
British Literature (12) Honors / Advanced Honors
AP English Language and Composition
AP English Literature and Composition

Introduction to Speech and Communication
Capstone Writing Seminar
Creative Writing
Shakespeare's Plays Honors


Algebra I Honors
Geometry Honors / Advanced Honors
Algebra II Honors / Advanced Honors
Pre-Calculus / Honors / Advanced Honors
Calculus Advanced Honors
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Statistics

World Languages

Spanish I Honors
Spanish II Honors / Advanced Honors
Spanish III Honors / Advanced Honors
Spanish IV Honors / Advanced Honors
AP Spanish Language
AP Spanish Literature
French I Honors
French II Advanced Honors
French III Advanced Honors
AP French Language
Latin I Advanced Honors
Latin III Advanced Honors
Latin IV Advanced Honors
AP Latin

Natural Sciences

Biology Honors / Advanced Honors
Chemistry Honors / Advanced Honors
Physics Advanced Honors
Introduction to Astronomy
Marine Science I Honors
Environmental Science
Canterbury Advanced Science Program in Applied Research (CASPAR)
AP Physics I
AP Physics II
AP Biology
SCUBA Certification

Offered in 2019-2020:
Marine Science II Honors
Anatomy & Physiology Advanced Honors
AP Chemistry

Social Sciences

World History I Honors / Advanced Honors
World History II Honors / Advanced Honors
United States History Honors / Advanced Honors
Ancient Greece
Ethics, Philosophy and Religion Honors
American Government Honors
Contemporary History Honors
World War II
AP Comparative Government and Politics
AP United States Government and Politics
AP World History
AP Psychology
AP United States History

Arts Education

Art History Honors
Music Appreciation
Music History
Musical Theater
Guitar Performance
Percussion Performance
Technical Theater
Advanced Stagecraft and Stage Design
Acting I / II

Dance Beginning / Advanced
Engineering Design I
Introduction to Speech and Communications
AP Studio Art (2D Design, Drawing, and 3D Design available)
AP Art History
AP Music Theory

Physical Education & Health

Dance - Beginning and Advanced
Team and Individual Sports
Strength and Conditioning Class
SCUBA Certification

Computer Science

Engineering Design I
Introduction to Programming

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