Every school needs an active volunteer network and strong financial support. You can get involved in supporting Canterbury in three crucial ways.

Engaged Parenting

Staying involved in the small and large events in your child’s school life helps your child and our school succeed. We encourage you to:
  • talk with your children about homework and friends; ask about their school day
  • participate in your child’s course selection
  • communicate with your child’s advisors
  • attend college counseling sessions for parents
  • visit the website on a regular basis to stay current on our programs and philosophies


Active Participation

There are many opportunities for you to play an active role in your child’s education at Canterbury. Active participation takes on many different forms including:

  • volunteering on campus or in the classroom
  • helping with special events such as our annual Parent’s Association Gala, Tee It Up Golf Tournament or Marine Studies Canterbury Cup fishing tournament
  • supporting marine studies through CLAMS, athletics through Boosters, or the arts through Muses, and cheering for our students in the community, on stage, and on the playing fields.


Financial Support

Independent schools receive no financial support from the local tax base or from state or national governments. Everything we do at Canterbury depends on income from tuition and the generous contributions of people like you. We hope you will feel fully invested in the life and work of our school. In addition to your being fully engaged in school activities, we hope you will contribute to Canterbury’s Annual Fund, and if possible, we would also appreciate your support of Canterbury’s capital gifts and endowment plans.

Like all independent schools, our budget is set so that tuition covers about 85% of our expenses. The 15% balance of our needed income is derived from the Canterbury Annual Fund, which provides critical annual monetary support for teacher compensation, technology, the arts, sports, and inspiring curriculum.

To sustain Canterbury’s mission as a high-achieving college preparatory school, each year Canterbury generates its funding from
  • tuition
  • private grants
  • fundraising from parents, alumni, grandparents, faculty/staff and other community members
If our budget were set to cover the full 100% cost of educating each student at Canterbury, it would require a significant tuition increase. Instead of an increase, Canterbury asks every family to contribute a tax-deductible donation to Canterbury’s Annual Fund, thus reducing each student’s annual tuition cost and encouraging a diverse student body.



Now that you know the cost of a Canterbury education, consider the value of a Canterbury education as described by Canterbury alumna Annie Ritch '10. Annie graduated from Cal Tech in 2014, and is now a graduate student researcher at Stanford University:


“As a young scientist, I spend my days reading, writing, and searching for novel methods to investigate the systems that characterize our planet. While I'm still finding my exact niche in academia, I am grateful every day for the verbal and quantitative skills I developed in my classes at Canterbury. Furthermore, the passion for science and discovery passed to me through the school's fabulous teachers (shout-out to Mr. Wyness!) has been an unparalleled motivator. Thank you, Canterbury, for giving me better academic preparation than I could have ever asked for!”

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