How Your Gift Makes An Impact

Your gift to the Canterbury Annual Fund directly and immediately impacts the people and programs that make Canterbury unique among its peers. Collectively, gifts to Canterbury Annual Fund are powerful!

$250 can . . .

  • Purchase new furniture for the Senior Break Room lounge. -- COMPLETE!
  • Provide art supplies for the Lower School.
  • Fund cleaning supplies for the Marine Science tanks.

$500 can . . .

  • Install shelving in the Dollinger center for costuming fabric and supplies. -- COMPLETE!
  • Fund professional development for teachers in their area of discipline.
  • Purchase an indoor tennis table for recreation and student activity.

$1,000 can . . .

  • Purchase TVs for internal communication needs or running daily announcements, etc. -- COMPLETE!
  • Supply technology integration materials for cross-curricular learning (art, science, technology supplies).
  • Provide aquarium livestock for enhanced student learning and interest in the CCMS.

$1,500 can . . .

  • Replenish tools in the tech theater shop.
  • Underwrite an alumni reception to facilitate Canterbury's upcoming 50th anniversary.
  • Replace aquarium equipment on both campuses (i.e. protein skimmers, pumps, etc.).

$3,000 can . . .

  • Provide additional shade structures for Lower School P.E.
  • Replace age-appropriate outdoor toys at the Lower School
  • Replace Band Room chairs.

$5,000 can . . .

  • Install a fitness trail to promote student and faculty wellness and physical education.
  • Purchase two (2) mini sailboats equipped with GPS units to track on Google earth in Monaco and the Gulf of Mexico for Blue Ocean Festival.
  • Expand Marine Studies facilities at the Lower School.

$15,000 can . . .

  • Purchase rubber outdoor flooring tiles for the Lower School playground.
  • Replace the Dollinger Theater house lights.
  • Purchase a classroom set (20) of inflatable paddle boards to study and explore our local Tampa Bay ecosystem.

$25,000 can . . .

  • Purchase a classroom set of Macbook Pro laptops (20) for project-based learning and computer sciences coursework.
  • Purchase LEGO and robotics kits to expand our current technology programming environment.
  • Purchase new tech and audio boards for the Dollinger Theater.

$50,000 can . . .

  • Fund one year's salary and benefits for a faculty member.
  • Purchase a pontoon boat for an outdoor classroom study throughout the Tampa Bay ecosystem.

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